Interview Shereign – “We hope our music can be empowering, uplifting, inspiring… for our listeners”

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A couple of years ago, a new Finnish supergroup was announced under the banner of Shereign. With Sara Strömmer, one of Finland’s more prolific voices, at the helm, it was a band that immediately got a lot of attention. They managed to do some cool shows at festivals like SaariHelvetti and Tuska besides a sprinkling of club shows and released a series of singles and music videos along the years. But now it’s finally time for them to release their debut full-length album ‘Ghost Diaries’! So it was about time for us to sit down with vocalist Sara to have a short chat about what has been going on and the album release…

We talked with Sara briefly about the shows they managed to do the past year, but got pretty much quickly to the point which is their debut album ‘Ghost Diaries’ (out on January 20). Essentially the music has been ready ever since the band was announced, but with the pandemic they decided to stick with just releasing singles. It meant they had the time to tweak things a bunch, though. So now that they are ready to release the album, they feel really confident on who they are as a band and what they want to sound like. Sara even teased that they basically have the second album ready as well.

We briefly touch on the themes of the album, where a lot is based in real life and experiences that Sara has had in the past. She hopes that what she writes about can be empowering, uplifting, inspiring,… and actually shared a story of one fan telling Sara that a Shereign song actually empowered her. We also talk about the album cover artwork, that apparently at first wasn’t really to Sara’s liking but has become the only right choice now that she thinks about it.

Lastly, we chat about Shereign doing a double release show with Dark Sarah in the coming months, which she is really looking forward to since it’s a rather interesting combination. And Sara also tries to describe Shereign in images, which results in something pretty interesting…

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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