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German thrash metal legends Tankard unleashed another hilarious single of their upcoming new album with ‘Lockdown Forever’! The new album ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’ will be out on September 30 via Reaper Entertainment!

Finnish melodic metal masters Altaria are back for real and revealed the title track for their upcoming album ‘Wisdom’!

Finnish melodic metal outfit Altaria is back! A new album with ‘Wisdom’ is coming via Reaper Entertainment in July!

Finnish melodeath/power metal outfit Gladenfold shared another single and video in anticipation of the release of their new album “Nemesis”!

Finnish melodic metal act Gladenfold announce the upcoming release of their new album ‘Nemesis’ via Reaper Entertainment!

Death metal/grindcore weirdos Milking The Goatmachine sign with Reaper Entertainment for their upcoming new album!

After 7 years of relatively being dormant, myGRAIN is back by announcing their upcoming new album “V”!

Finnish melodic death metal heroes MyGrain are signing to Reaper Entertainment Europe to release their next album in 2020!


14 melodic metal/rock albums from Finland that we still wanted to give some proper attention to and you should check out still too if you haven’t yet!

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Album Reviews

‘To the End’ is a powerful and consistent album. The whole performance sounds quite coherent. The song structure is seemingly collective with the constant elements of aggression and groove infused into the music.

Finnish melodeath outfit myGRAIN comes back with a renewed and rejuvenated sound and energy on their new release ‘V’!