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Finnish alternative rock ‘n’ rollers Moon Shot signed with Reaper Entertainment for the release of their upcoming new music!

Finnish folk/symphonic metal outfit Valkeat unleashed another single from the upcoming album ‘Fireborn’ (set for release next month via Reaper Entertainment) with the track ‘My Crown’!

Goatcore misfits Milking The Goatmachine unleashed the first single ‘Children of the Horn’ from their upcoming album ‘Neue Platte’, set for release in August via Reaper Entertainment!

Heavy metal heroes Majesty are back with another single from the upcoming new album ‘Back To Attack’, set for release via Reaper Entertainment in April, and an energetic video for ‘Freedom Child’!

Finnish melodic death/black metal outfit Suotana released the 2nd single ‘Land of the Dead’, a Summoning cover, of their upcoming new album ‘Ounas I’ to be released next month via Reaper Entertainment!

Japanese heavy metal band Anthem will unleash their new album ‘Crimson & Jet Black’ via Reaper Entertainment in April! A taste is out now already with the 1st single ‘Wheels Of Fire’.

Finnish metal outfit Valkeat signed with Reaper Entertainment and will be releasing a new album in 2023 still!

Finnish melodic black/death metallers Suotana are back after 5 long years with their new album ‘Ounas I’ out in March via Reaper Entertainment and shared the 1st single ‘Through the Mammoth Valley’ with an epic video!

Finnish melodic metal up-and-comers Silver bullet share their 3rd single and video ‘Creatures of the Night’, of their upcoming new album ‘Shadowfall’, out later this month via Reaper Entertainment!

Finnish metal favorites Warmen are officially back and signed with Reaper Entertainment for the re-release of ‘First Of The Five Elements’ and the release of a brand new album in 2023!

Album Reviews

British death metal group Memoriam sets itself as one of the best death metal acts today and the fifth album “Rise To Power” delivers brutal war-like anthem riffs and triumphant choruses. This is definitely the band’s best album to date and comes highly recommended for fans of Benediction, Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost. Released via Reaper Entertainment.

Parasite Inc.’s new album ‘Cyan Night Dreams’ continues their unique take on melodic death metal. Out via Reaper Entertainment.

‘To the End’ is a powerful and consistent album. The whole performance sounds quite coherent. The song structure is seemingly collective with the constant elements of aggression and groove infused into the music.

Finnish melodeath outfit myGRAIN comes back with a renewed and rejuvenated sound and energy on their new release ‘V’!


A chat with Bruno and Hannes about their 2022 highlights, the upcoming new album ‘Shadowfall’ (out on January 20 via Reaper Entertainment) and what their stage outfits are all about (or not about)!

Watch the interview with the guys of myGRAIN in which we dive deeper into some of the tracks of their new album ‘V’ and how recording without a keyboardist was like.

We caught up with the guys of myGRAIN at SaariHelvetti to have a relaxed chat about their comeback and upcoming album “V”. Check it out!