News Posts

Enslaved just announced their 16th studio album ‘Heimdal’, set to be released in March 2023 via Nuclear Blast, and share a blistering new single with ‘Congelia’.

Norwegian metalcore outfit Atena share the new single and video ‘Slip Away’ via Indie Recordings, reminiscing the past and translating the melancholy of the last sunny days in the fall!

Norwegian black metal project DØDSENGEL premiered ‘In the Heart of the World’, a track from the upcoming album ‘Bab Al On’, scheduled for release in December!

Norwegian heavy rockers Stargazer premiere the video single ‘Live My Dream’ as a teaser for the upcoming new album to be released in 2023 via Mighty Music!

Norwegian black metal institution Kampfar releases a 3rd single from their upcoming new album! Dance with the devil!

Norwegian heavy rock outfit Audrey Horne releases the new single and video ‘Animal’ in anticipation of this Friday’s official release of their new album ‘Devil’s Bell’!

Norwegian melodeath outfit Haunted By Silhouettes release another single and music video from their upcoming EP “No Man Isle”!

Norwegian heavy rock outfit Audrey Horne released a real rock anthem with ‘Dance Macabre’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Devil’s Bell’!

As a complete opposite for White Void, Black Void has signed with Nuclear Blast to bring their blend of punk and black metal into the world with their first album ‘Antithesis’ out soon!

The Norwegian misfit gang Trollfest announced an upcoming new crazy album with ‘Flamingo Overlord’ and unleash a new single and video!

Album Reviews

Darkthrone on its 20th album tackles the old era of traditional metal in a very conventional method. Although some of the tracks may lack the raw organic sound, nevertheless “Astral Fortress” is an epic blackened and doom-laden heavy metal record that is gritty and bold to its core! Out via Peaceville Records.

“Naa Skrider Natten Sort” is without doubt one of the best albums in black metal this year, Djevel has aptly presented themselves as true disciples next to bands like Whoredom Rife and Mare. With its beautiful atmosphere and grim melodies it is an epic black metal album with the songwriting and composition making it an instant classic. Out since today via Aftermath Music.

In a sidestep from psychedelic doomsters Superlynx, Norwegian artist Pia Isaksen has shared bit of personal life on the hauntingly beautiful drones of her ‘Distorted Chants’, her first solo outing.

On “Dread Reaver” Abbath Doom Occulta finds himself at the top of his game with the ultimate dexterity in channeling different styles of metal genres. The third outing is fierce black metal record that will touch you to the core.

‘Aphelion’ is a very nice prog rock album from Norwegian band Leprous with some catchy melodies, beats and grooves you won’t forget easily.

Green Carnation releases their first new album in 14 years and it’s a musical masterpiece like you’d come to expect from these prog masters.

As far as musical valentine gifts go they don’t get much sweeter than this. Ihsahn has just released the first of two EPs dedicated to his hometown of Telemark in Norway.

It seldom happens that a highly anticipated debut album surpasses all expectations. Mare achieved just that with what is already a contemporary black metal classic.

Demonaz has crafted an intellectual material that animates the band as one of the leading acts in the black metal genre.

Short review for Urarv’s debut album “Aurum”. Set to be released on the 22nd of September through Svart records.

Photo Reports

The Swedish/Norwegian sleaze rock outfit The Cruel Intentions came to set On The Rocks on fire to kick off the weekend with a Friday night rock ‘n’ roll party!

The pictures of a night with the Norwegian misfits of Kvelertak at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland!

Pictures of a dark, cozy and atmospheric acoustic show by the illustrious Myrkur…

Darkness descended on the Biebob in Belgium and we were there to get pictures of it…

An extensive collection of pictures of a unique event at a historical site with highly interesting and often almost magical bands!

Experience the visuals of a mind-bending night!