News Posts

Norway’s rising stars in metalcore Fixation released the new single ‘Random Acts Of Violence’ via Indie Recordings last week, while they’re gearing up to embark on their summer tour which will take them to Tuska in Finland next week!

Leprous is finally entering a new chapter, and announced their upcoming new album ‘Melodies Of Atonement’ to be released in August via InsideOut Music and following North American tour with Monuments and Fight The Fight!

Sylvaine shared the title track of her upcoming EP ‘Eg Er Framand’, on which she traces back to her roots in Norwegian folk music, and set for release on March 22nd via Season of Mist!

The Norwegian progsters of Vicinity shared ‘Distance’, the 2nd track from their upcoming album ‘VIII’ for prog fans to feast on. The album is set for release in a couple of weeks via Uprising Records!

The new and very exciting voice in black metal Jordsjuk, featuring seasoned veterans from esteemed bands like Djevel, Nordjevel, Urgehal and Koldbrann, unleashed their new single ‘Viva la Apocalypse’, a relentless assault on hope’s horizon! Released via Indie Recordings!

Norwegian black metal/punk legends Haust unveiled ‘Left To Die’, another track from the upcoming album ‘Negative Music’, set to be released in April via Fysisk Format!

Norway’s Vicinity kicks off their upcoming album promotion round with the release of the first single and video ‘Purpose’ via Uprising! Records! Fans of bands like Threshold, Ciurcus Maximus and Dream Theater should really check this one out!

In case you missed it, Norway’s pioneers of avantgarde/progressive black metal Borknagar released the single ‘Nordic Anthem’ last week, another taste of the upcoming album ‘Fall’ set for release next month and an absolutely empowering tune!

Ihsahn released the final single to be taken from his forthcoming self-titled album with ‘The Distance Between Us’ to prepare yourself for the release in February via Candlelight Records!

Norwegian gothic and symphonic metal pioneers Trail of Tears finally make a return after over a decade with the EP ‘Winds Of Disdain’, set for release in May via The Circle Music.

Album Reviews

Blood Red Throne delivers some quality metal on their 11th album “Nonagon” unleashes plenty of jaw-dropping riffs from the groovy chugs to the energetic drumming that is direct and efficient in crushing your skull. It is undoubtedly one of the band’s strongest albums, there are no frills here, just killer death metal tunes to crush your skull. The album comes highly recommended for fans of Vomitory, Deicide and, Cannibal Corpse. Out since January 26th via Soulseller Records.

Fans of death/thrash metal should check out Norway’s death/thrash metal outfit Sovereign’s first full-length album, “Altered Realities”. The album is recommended for fans of Death, Pestilence and Nocturnus, out now via Dark Descent Records!

Darkthrone on its 20th album tackles the old era of traditional metal in a very conventional method. Although some of the tracks may lack the raw organic sound, nevertheless “Astral Fortress” is an epic blackened and doom-laden heavy metal record that is gritty and bold to its core! Out via Peaceville Records.

“Naa Skrider Natten Sort” is without doubt one of the best albums in black metal this year, Djevel has aptly presented themselves as true disciples next to bands like Whoredom Rife and Mare. With its beautiful atmosphere and grim melodies it is an epic black metal album with the songwriting and composition making it an instant classic. Out since today via Aftermath Music.

In a sidestep from psychedelic doomsters Superlynx, Norwegian artist Pia Isaksen has shared bit of personal life on the hauntingly beautiful drones of her ‘Distorted Chants’, her first solo outing.

On “Dread Reaver” Abbath Doom Occulta finds himself at the top of his game with the ultimate dexterity in channeling different styles of metal genres. The third outing is fierce black metal record that will touch you to the core.

‘Aphelion’ is a very nice prog rock album from Norwegian band Leprous with some catchy melodies, beats and grooves you won’t forget easily.

Green Carnation releases their first new album in 14 years and it’s a musical masterpiece like you’d come to expect from these prog masters.

As far as musical valentine gifts go they don’t get much sweeter than this. Ihsahn has just released the first of two EPs dedicated to his hometown of Telemark in Norway.