Myrkur “Folkesange” (Konepajan Bruno)

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In 2015 Myrkur released the EP “Mausoleum” through Relapse Records, which featured Amalie Bruun tackling some of her own songs in a purely acoustic setting. No more black metal rawness or a hint of metal to be found. Instead you got a handful of tracks of Amalie singing, supported by the Norwegian Girl’s Choir and sparsely used acoustic guitar and piano, recorded in an actual Mausoleum (for our album review go here). She barely toured in that setting, so when we came across the short “Folkesange” tour in which Myrkur did a short list of dates playing some of those originally black metal songs reworked combined with some of her favorites in Scandinavian folk, we just knew we had to be there! We ended up at the stop at Konepajan Bruno in Helsinki, an old factory warehouse, organised by Tuska Live to get mesmerized by some magical folk music.

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For the report go here.