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Myrkur releases a third and last track before the official release of the “Folkesange” album! Check it out!

Myrkur releases another mesmerizing single and video from her upcoming “Folkesange” album! Check it out and let the magic take you away!

Myrkur is releasing another EP next month, bringing forth another view on her captivating “softer” side!

Photo Reports

Pictures of a dark, cozy and atmospheric acoustic show by the illustrious Myrkur…

Gig Reports

A cold evening in February, we were taken on a magical journey with the acoustic set of Myrkur!

Album Reviews

Speaking of nightmare fuel.

Drift away to another place on the voices of Amalie and a choir…


A nice little Skype talk with Amalie about the latest creation of her project “Myrkur” and sharing her nightmares with you…

Our very first interview of Graspop Metal Meeting edition 2016. How exciting that moment was, just before being backstage and be able to get to know more about Myrkur. We present you the one and only: Amalie Bruun. She is the woman of Myrkur, the one-woman project in the black metal genre with it’s roots in […]