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Myrkur – Mareridt

Speaking of nightmare fuel.


A nice little Skype talk with Amalie about the latest creation of her project "Myrkur" and sharing her nightmares with you...

Ensiferum (Durbuy Rock 2017)

We had an interesting talk with Ensiferum's Petri Lindroos about touring, performing... and the upcoming new album 'Two Paths'!

Nighon – The Somme

A lesson in warfare history and renewing heavy metal!

Durbuy Rock 2017

Sunshine, happy people and intense gigs in Wallonia!

Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

Sun-drenched tunes from the cold North!

Preview Durbuy Rock 2017

Durbuy Rock Festival brings us a great mix of genres at its 21st edition!

Trollfest – Helluva

One helluva record!

Crystal Viper – Queen Of The Witches

All hail the queen!