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Our very first interview of Graspop Metal Meeting edition 2016. How exciting that moment was, just before being backstage and be able to get to know more about Myrkur. We present you the one and only: Amalie Bruun. She is the woman of Myrkur, the one-woman project in the black metal genre with it’s roots in Denmark. On friday noon in the Marquee she performed for the first time at Graspop Metal Meeting.


Myrkur – Valerie and Amalie.


Myrkur – Fien and Amalie.

Pictures after interviewing Amalie: thank you for your time and the lovely chat!

Your very first performance at Graspop, how are you experiencing it?
I don’t know what to expect really. It’s not my first time playing in Belgium, but I have the impression that Graspop is a good festival. Everyone seems happy being here. Feeling good is the most important thing.

Your music includes so many influences. How would you describe your music as genre?
Describing the music genre is a difficult one. The music is not a genre on itself, it just includes elements like black metal, folk and classical music.

If you had to choose between black metal and classical music…?
(Amalie thinks for a short while)
I think I’ll go with classical music. Classical music is more of a challenge for me. I also like playing piano and being in the nature, which feels closer to classical music to me.

If there is one person you look up to or you would like to be for a period of time, who would it be?
I think it is important that you feel good about yourself. At this moment, I am satisfied with how I feel so I think my answer would be ‘myself’.

The way you dress.. You wear beautiful and inspiring clothes during your performances. Where do you get them?
My dresses and clothes are made by an independently working woman. She’s a German girl named ROHMY: she makes dresses that are beautiful and they perfectly describe how I feel.

The logo M of Myrkur, how did that become the design it now is?

The style of the letter M is like a rune sign. Not the real rune, but inspired by it and made more feminine.

How do you see your future? It’s your one-woman project but I’m guessing it’s not easy to perform like that…
I still want it to be my project. It’s all about the freedom I have with the music and that’s what I really want. Still, it’s difficult to have to do everything alone, especially to perform on stage. Therefore I need to collaborate with other artists, But I found some great guys for that.

What are you writing about in your songs?
It’s not really about a special topic or experiences… It’s not exactly an opinion but it’s mainly about thoughts. More exactly thoughts that I’ve been having.

If you were not meant to be a musician, what profession would you be doing now?
Like I said before, I love being out in the nature. So I’d probably do something that involves nature or animals. A good option would be veterinarian then.

Thank you again for the interesting talk! Afterwards we got to see the amazing first time performance at Graspop Metal Meeting, we definitely hope that she’ll be coming back in the future. Also check out her recently released EP ‘Mausoleum” on which she collaborates with the Norwegian Girls Choir, released through Relapse Records.