Cradle of Filth

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While at 70000 tons of metal, I had the opportunity to interview one of the most nostalgic bands in my life: Cradle of Filth. This meant a huge deal to me since I’ve listened to the band for as long as I’ve called myself a metalhead. While waiting for my turn to interview them, I was playing nymphetamine on repeat in my head while wondering what they would be like. Imagining Dani wearing his stage make-up and his up-right hair made me kind of dread to go in. Suddenly the door opened and the previous interviewers came out and I was called in. I was greeted in a very English accent by -who I’m pretty sure was- the tour manager of the band. I greeted him back to which he asked me where I was from. My response of me being from Southampton didn’t go unnoticed by Dani, who was sitting on the other side of the room next to Lindsay. The first thing Dani Filth ever asked me, was if I supported the Saints. Talk about making somebody feel comfortable in a mere second. I continued by sitting down on a couch beside them, opening my laptop and explaining I wasn’t going to ask about CD’s or whatever because there are interviews galore about it. I wanted to know about their connection to their music and their inspiration. Here’s what I found out.

How would you say your music coincides with your family?
Dani: Well, to be fair, up until a couple of years ago, my daughter was, like teenagers are, a huge One Direction fan. Now it’s more “cool” bands… more haircut than metal. And then when you talk about One Direction she’s like “Ugh, One Direction, what are you talking about? Never liked them”.
Lindsay: They came to visit in Canada this one time and we went to the Niagara Falls and we talked for about an hour about One Direction. So she can’t deny it, there’s proof. I’m a witness! “laughs”
Dani: And to be fair, she’s probably heard Bathory more times than what she’s heard a One Direction album.
Lindsay: She owns a couple of Cradle albums as well. She turned out great, I don’t know how she’s a product of him.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration for the music you create?
Dani: Everything, to be fair… movies, literature, other music… I steal from “laughs” . The other day actually, before we found out we had to come to America, I just sat at home and I put one of our albums on by accident… I didn’t mean to, I just did and I thought to myself “this is actually alright, not bad at all”. That’s actually when I realize how much I love it.

-This is where the tour manager told us we had only 5 minutes due to a busy time schedule-

Are you self-conscious about your music?
Dani: Only when it’s on the random play thing is when that happens. And of course when you go on tour because you have to rehearse. I only ever listen to the last record. Because I love the sound, but when we do a new one, I never listen to it again unless I’m like… washing the car or something.
Lindsay: I was going to say, before the release I’m like “Gah, is anyone going to like it?”. That’s when I’m the most like “Oh goodness”.

What’s your view on the concept of 70.000 tons? Metal on a boat?
Dani: They lied to us! It’s 142.000 tons! We should all go and get our money back now.
Lindsay: It’s a lot of fun. It’s good to see old friends and catch up and meet fans. It’s cool.
Dani: This is actually bigger than my home town!

So being among fans doesn’t bother you?
Dani: Well, I thought it would, but I think I’ve spoken to everyone last night… so nobody bothers me now. I actually thought before coming here that it would be a pain in the arse, but it’s not. I like it.

Got any plans when we stop in Jamaica? Got any excursions planned?
Dani: We’re just going to lie on the beach really. And she’s just going to kill a couple of dolphins.
Lindsay: Well at least we moved on from the other rumours so yeah, it’s fine.

This is where I chose to end my interview, out of respect for the people that had given me my five minutes with Cradle of Filth.