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We met up with Korpiklaani while they were on tour with Trollfest, Arkona and Heidevolk. It was one hell of a show (photo report here, show report here) and it was a great interview with lots of laughs, talking about a new album, building a studio, sold out shows and festival preferences.

This is the first gig of the European tour, is there a lot of pressure because of that?
Jonne: Yeah, we’ll see (laughs) we don’t know yet, but it will be fun.
Sami: And it feels good to be on tour again. We haven’t had a European tour for a while, so it’s good to be back.

Are you exited for the rest of the tour since today has already sold out?
Jonne: It’s really fucking good that it’s sold out, good start, it’s nice.
Sami: There are a lot of people coming to see us and that’s nice to know. Some other shows are already sold out as well, so of course it’s always nice to play for halls full of people.

Do you prefer hall shows like this or festivals?
Jonne: I like club gigs more, you have more contact with the public then, it’s easier for eye contact and things like that. But then again, festivals are also cool because they’re so big.

But what if it’s a small festival?
Jonne: small festivals are cool too, it’s kind of between the club gigs and the big festivals I think.

Like we mentioned before, the gig has been sold out for about a week or two, did you expect that?
Jonne: No actually, we always ask ourselves whether there’s anybody coming (laughs). It’s always a great surprise.

After the tour, what’s next for you guys?
Jonne: After this it’s going to be time for the Summer festivals first and I’m going to start building a studio between that and the next thing, so lots of things to do (smiles).

There’s always a very happy and energetic energy when you guys play, does that make playing shows better?
Sami: Yeah, it’s like sharing the same energy, they give us energy and we give it back. In the end, the music is how we are so in the end we just like to have fun (laughs).

Is there a question you’ve always wanted to answer, but a journalist or whomever has never asked you?
Jonne: Good question (laughs) but actually no, because even if there’s no question we can still answer so no, we can always answer what we like.


And is there a question you’ve been asked too much?
Jonne: No, we always like to talk about the new album.
Sami: It’s also very important for us.
Jonne: If there comes a question like uhm
Sami: “How many members are there in your band?” or “What’s the name of the band?”

Is it weird for you to sing in your own language to people that don’t know what you’re singing?
Jonne: No, because we can express our own feelings the best in our own language. I think the message goes through without the public understanding what exactly we’re saying. Because for example, when I was a kid, I couldn’t understand English and I always used to listen to W.A.S.P. or Kiss and I used to phonetically sing the lyrics.

In that case, isn’t it funny for you to see that when you play Happy Little Boozer or Vodka that you can see people kind of go: “oh, I understand this one!”?
Jonne: Actually it’s not so different, because they’re having fun, just like us.

You’ve become a staple in playlists at metal parties, do you ever play drinking games to your own music?
Jonne: (laughs)
Sami: (Laughs) Not nowadays, we don’t need games for that anymore.
Jonne: Life is a game (laughs)

Is there anything else you want to talk about or say?
Jonne: Well, we just finished our newest album which should come out in September or so. I think we’re going to play some new songs already today.

Do you have any expectations from the public’s reaction?
Jonne: We’ll see (laughs).
Sami: We actually played that already on 70 000 Tons Of Metal a week ago and I think the audience reacted to the song really well.

Does it make you nervous playing a song for the first time?
Jonne: Yeah (smiles)
Sami: Of course, but that’s always the most fun part of it (smiles) also seeing how the audience reacts.
Jonne: It’s also very fun to play the new songs.

What’s your favourite song to play live?
Sami: I can’t pick a favourite actually.
Jonne: Me neither, it’s about the whole show I think.
Sami: Of course it’s funny to play those most popular ones to see how the audience goes crazy during them, it’s fun to see.

Do you feel like the band has “exploded” after a certain album?
Jonne: Not really, I just hope we can keep doing what we’re doing, and I think we will because the new album is so fucking strong I’m sure it will get through.
Sami: The thing I’m happiest about with the new album is that it’s very genuinely us, it’s not a stereotypical album, it has a certain character in the music. We just hope that people like it as much as we do (laughs).
Jonne: Yeah (laughs).