News Posts

The mighty thrash metallers of Kreator are back with a brand new album out in June and unleashed a first single and the title track ‘Hate Über Alles’!

Satanic doo-wop outfit Twin Temple releases the single ‘Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy!’, including a Spanish version as a B side!

After the impressive jam session album of last year, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are already back with another release under the form of ‘Wilde Kinder’!

Finally! After a long long wait, we get to hear and see what Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s black metal project is all about!

NY death metal legends Immolation share 2nd single ‘The Age of No Light’ in anticipation of their upcoming new album ‘Acts of God’

The legendary Swedish rockers of The Hellacopters are back with another track from their upcoming new album ‘Eyes Of Oblivion’!

Sabaton released another track and epic video from their upcoming new full-length with ‘Soldier Of Heaven’!

New York death metal giants Immolation announced the much anticipated next album ‘Act of God’!

Fit For An Autopsy dropped another single from their upcoming new album with ‘In Shadows’!

German metal legends Blind Guardian unleash the brand new single ‘Deliver Us From Evil’!

Album Reviews

Watain achieved mastery over its craft the long-awaited seventh album ‘The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain’ is a masterwork of demonic grandiosity that breaks in a new cycle of vicious savagery. The change in sound here reflects natural progression without sacrificing the foundations of the band.

After 14 long years The Hellacopters have finally released their new long player called ‘Eyes Of Oblivion’. It was worth the wait – a fantastic hard rock album comes your way!

‘Oh What The Future Holds’ brings a more sophisticated side of the deathcore genre. Never I had the thought that it was boring or bad. Every song has it’s unique stamp of pure greatness.

Immolation’s 11th “Acts Of God” wields a slew of obscure tracks that see them sitting atop the death metal throne, this is without a doubt a serious contender for the albums of the year 2022 lists!

The hardcore veterans of Comeback Kid are back with another absolutely banger of an album! ‘Heavy Steps’ comes in and kills!

Light The Torch is back with their 2nd album under the new moniker and continues down the path of epic and extremely catchy tunes that will stick in your head forever!

This album is special because all the members of Helloween are now playing together for the first time, something that fans have long been waiting for or only could dream of. The good news is that the band likes this line up too and Helloween is planning to release more music with it.

In the wake of this year’s ‘The Ghost of Orion’ My Dying Bride has shaped another doomed diamond from its inner turmoil in the form of ‘Macabre Cabaret’.

Canada’s melodeath mainstays Kataklysm are back with another banger of an album, not leaving a place in the world “Unconquered”!

Lamb Of God is back again with their typical groovy and heavy sound on a self-titled release, though nothing too surprising really.