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    Preview Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2018

    The winds are turning to winter and so the time of Eindhoven Metal Meeting is coming close again!

    Judas Priest (Graspop 2018)

    We talked with the only original Judas Priest member still in the band, Ian Hill, about (of course) music, drinks and food!

    Cradle Of Filth + Moonspell (Trix)

    Time for some black, gothic madness with Cradle Of Filth and Moonspell in Antwerp.

    Preview Winter Days of Metal 2018

    The call of the mountains: Back to Slovenia! We're going to Winter Days Of Metal pt. 2!

    MetalDays + Belgian Invasion Announcement

    MetalDays announces an amazing lineup for their 2018 edition! And there's still more to come! Check out the bands and information about our Belgian Invasion.

    BaRocker Competition at Hard Rock Cafe Antwerp

    Cocktails en lekker eten op een leuke locatie, verwacht wel niet al te veel gitaren die door de speakers knallen...

    Alcatraz 2017

    Once again a great party with all our fellow inmates at Alcatraz Festival 2017!

    Hellfest 2017

    Hellfest 2017 truly was one hell of a ride!

    Winter Days of Metal 2017

    Winter Days of Metal: The ultimate metal winter holidays! Grim and frostbitten, just how we like it!

    Groezrock Announces Time Schedule

    Groezrock announces their time schedules!