Hellfest 2022

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General review & info about Hellfest can be found in our Hellfest Festival Guide, including a preview of 2023.

2022 was a special year with 2 festival weekends and even higher temperatures, it is always damn hot in Hell!
Luckily there’s plenty of places you can cool down at the festival and we love Hellfest for it!

Check out our liveblog Hellfest 2022  & and check our Photo Report* here:


* Addendum: Sadly our reporter bag with camera, sd-cards, external hard drive, notebooks etc. got stolen shortly after the festival.
This is why we don’t have a lot of material of Hellfest 2022. The pictures we share here were luckily already downloaded onto our phones, but therefore also n0t the best quality nor watermarked. We tried our best to get something online regardless of the situation.

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