Eluveitie – Amorphis (l’Aéronef, Lille, FR) – 20/11/2022

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Pretty big names tonight! Co-Headliners Eluveitie and Amorphis share the stage together with special guest Dark Tranquillity and warm-up act Nailed to Obscurity in Lille France. While Eluveitie are still touring with their latest album ‘Ategnatos’, Amorphis presents us their latest album ‘Halo’… Each band seems to have its own share of fans, but there is a certain overlap that makes it possible for the majority to enjoy the entire show.

Setlist Eluveitie:

Exile of the Gods – Nil – Deathwalker – Epona – Anu – A Rose for Epona – Thousandfold – Ambiramus – King – Breathe – L’appel des Montagnes

Encore: Aidus – Ategnatos – Inis Mona


Setlist Amorphis:

Northwards – On the Dark Waters – Death of a King – Silver Bride – Into Hiding – Wrong Direction – The Moon – Seven Roads Come Together – Black Winter Day – My Kantele – The Bee – House of Sleep

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