Lordi – Lordiversitour 2022 (Backstage, Munich) – 28/11/2022

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To open the night a band unknown to many in Munich, coming from the neighboring Czech Republic and already have a large legion of fans there, they are Dymytry. A strong performance, full of attitude from someone who knows how to be on stage with full confidence, it was great to take pictures of them.

Almanac performed on stage without their vocalist due to illness, and the project’s mentor makes sure to warn that the set will be special. Victor Smolski (ex- member of RAGE) is a virtuoso guitarist and a man with many other specialties such as teaching, producing and driving racing cars. In Munich, he was accompanied by two other excellent musicians, and they gave a lesson in making music of a superior technical level.

The big name of the night came of course from Finland and brings with him his world of monsters, Mr. Lordi and company showed that they are excellent entertainers, full of humor and have a show that is worth watching. Musically, Lordi are an excellent example of how to make good hard rock, and the victory at the Eurovision festival didn’t happen by chance, they know how to make catchy, earworm choruses and songs that simply make you feel good.

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