Fettes Brot “…is History Tour 2023” (Porsche Arena, Stuttgart) – 02/05/2023

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Frank Zappa

This time the German hip-hop and pop Titans FETTES BROT have come to the end of the road (sorry, a short rock’n roll hint needs to be in here even though). After the band was founded in 1992 by Dokter Renz – Martin Vandreier, König BorisBoris Lauterbach and Björn BetonBjörn Warns. Fame in the German hip-hop scene came with their first official album ‘Auf Einem Auge Blöd‘, released in 1995. Including ‘Nordisch By Nature‘, a hymn to the northern German region and Hamburg, which is the origin of the band.  This was the first hit in a long row of hits ever since and followed by ‘Jein‘, ‘Bettina Zieh Dir Bitte Etwas An‘, ‘Da Draussen‘, ‘Emanuela‘ and many more.

After 30 years in show-biz, the band announced their upcoming end after a last tour in 2023.

We are very honoured to have been attending one of the last shows at a fully sold-out Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. Fettes Brot let the crowd escalate a very last time as described in many of their songs that often described parties and drinking beer (‘Meh’ Bier‘). Nobody at the venue stood still, and the whole venue danced, jumped and had loads of fun. With all anthems and hits presented the last time on stage, FETTES BROT have chosen to have a fabulous end of their career!

Enjoy our photo report!

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