The Black Crowes “Happiness Bastards Tour 2024” (Liederhalle, Stuttgart, DE) – 30/05/2024

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Atlanta is the origin of THE BLACK CROWES. Founded in 1984 they are celebrating 40 years of rock’n roll and more than 15 million sold albums on their current ‘Happiness Bastards’ tour. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson are the driving force behind it all and are the only constant members. After disbanding in 2001 and reuniting in 2005 they did a da capo of disbanding again in 2015 and reuniting in 2019. In March 2024 they did release their latest phenomenal long-player ‘Happiness Bastards’; and this summer they bring the new material live to the stage.

Opening up and warming the crowd is JIM JONES ALL STARS: a UK rock’n roll band with two sax players in the line-up. Some of you may know the JIM JONES REVUE, which is somehow the germ cell of the current band, and its line up. The style is hard to describe since it is a genre mash-up of rock, gospel, soul, garage, and a touch of blues, making it the perfect match for the main act.

Sharp at 9pm, THE BLACK CROWES enter the stage and the audience at once. Remarkably, the stage set-up is a classic one. These guys do not need pyro, lasers or large screens. A screen design full of love to rock’n roll and precious details. From each side piling up a wild mix of amplifiers, a large banner and curtains to the stage sides. On top of it all the drum kit, to the right still above the main of the stage the keyboard section and on the left two fantastic backing vocalists. Their performance is outstanding, great musicians giving a mix of old and new songs. This is the high class of rock’n roll performance. Lead and orchestrated by Chris Robinson and his incredible voice. He is dripping the rock star sweat out of every pore. Rich Robinson is changing his guitar for almost every song; the guitar world on this tour is a planet on its own!

For all fans of pure, heavily blues-infused rock’n roll, this event was a must-see! Enjoy our photos of this fabulous event!

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