Deine Cousine – ‘Ich Bleib Nicht Hier Tour 2024’ (Im Wizemann, Stuttgart, DE) – 13/04/2024

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The term ‘Female Fronted’ is currently being used excessively and is slowly turning into a real cliché. What can one say about a concert evening where both the opener and the main act owe their names to their respective legendary female artists, frontwomen, and band leaders?

Whatever it may be, it was definitely a fantastic concert evening.

Elena Rud and her indie-pop from Munich kicked off the evening. The songs, seasoned with a poetic touch, enthralled the audience from the first song.

At exactly 9 p.m., Deine Cousine takes to the stage at ‘Im Wizemann’. Like a storm, Ina Bredehorn and her musicians tear across the stage, captivating the concert audience spanning all age groups from the first note. A crowd well-versed in the lyrics sings along diligently and dances as much as their shoes allow. For a fan, the biggest highlight is always getting on stage and singing a duet with the band, which happened as always.

This evening left no one unhappy as they headed home…

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