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Greek atmospheric/symphonic death metal titans SepticFlesh return with a brand new album: 'Modern Primitive'. Once again Seth Siro Anton (bass, vocals), Christos Antoniou (guitars, keyboards, and orchestration), Sotiris Anunnaki V (guitars, clean vocals), Kerim "Krimh" Lechner (drums) and Psychon (guitars) showcase their mastery of songwriting. The collaboration between the band and the Philharmonic Orchestra unfolds dramatic and epic soundscapes that can fairly be described as impressive in every aspect.

The 11th album wields an orchestral forte, illustrating the complex work of  symphonies coupled with gigantic chugging and monstrous growls. SepticFlesh spectacularly encompasses all of its brutality in a massive sonic showpiece, offering 9 cuts. The opening track ‘The Collector’ is wonderfully orchestrated with Mediterranean melodies that are well-crafted and textured, as rumbling riffs fall into a coherent framework. ‘Modern Primitive’ presents a well-balanced riff structure with its mesmerizing nature which comes close to the band’s previous albums like ‘Codex Omega’ and ‘Communion’.

SepticFlesh creates an immersive experience in which most of the musical components have been transformed into dynamic energies while the songwriting is in a class of its own where the production allows each instrument to shimmer. The grand opening of ‘Hierophant’ combines heavy, yet focused riffs with dark ominous swells of the orchestra. While the feral growls bring a sense of doom, you can easily find yourself lost in rich landscapes. The riffs are simply brutal. Through a combination of double bass drums and guitar chugs, Septicflesh shows its mastery in creating a mystical mood.

Modern Primitive’ bears new symphonic songs like ‘Self-Eater’ which offers Middle-Eastern choral themes where the orchestral segments soar into the atmosphere. The drums hold much of the tempo and serve as a dynamic force for the chugging riffs. However, there are some hefty, mystical melodies sweeping with the towering vocals of Sotiris Anunnaki V. The Greek titans unlock their creative orchestral forte by weaving it the elegantly to an innovative and monumental degree. Such themes are presented in ‘Neuromancer’ where they are gorgeously interwoven with the deep growls of Seth Siro Anton, while the operatic vocals are in scale ebbing and flowing. Flawless, majestic moments meander into heavy death metal riffs until the drums unleash their fury.

Coming Storm’ erupts in dark orchestral tones where drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner utilizes some powerful, blasting sections. Within the duration of 39 minutes, SepticFlesh binds a compelling, mystical experience. At the core of this musical intensity the Greek titans uncover its songwriting intelligence. ‘A Desert Throne’ provides an entry into the ancient themes of dark mysticism. The orchestral patterns on this track demonstrate the faculty of conveying one of the most epic, symphonic masterpieces the band has ever written. Thundering riff barrages and marching percussion perfectly emphasize themes of ancient realms as the tempo moves between lush, orchestral swells and menacing growls, resonating through the dominant drums.


SepticFlesh on the newest endeavor redefines its cinematic qualities. The innovative, orchestral composition lends a savage grandeur. The complexity here is truly a work of art. There’s an exceptional talent in utilizing organic instrumentation. ‘Modern Primitives’ captures the sonic majesty that SepticFlesh has come to be known for. The Greek titans have once again released a dark and atmospheric album that stands as one of the band’s best musical works. The riffs are simply brutal with a combination of double bass drums, guitar chugs and powerful percussion. The key element of the album is that the songs drip with ominous feeling. In fact, there is a great balance this time between the orchestral swells and the heavy riffs, which has resulted in pure fluidity.

The soaring clean vocals and the roaring growls give the song a grand spectacle thrill, whereas the choral melody is beautifully interwoven. Many orchestral components are seamlessly contemplative which takes themes from ancient mythologies. ‘Psychohistory’ is another heavy and intense entry that depicts their uncompromising brutality. The track is achieved by a bombarding scale of the drums, albeit simple and straightforward.  SepticFlesh explores gritty, cinematic art. ‘A Dreadful Muse’ serves as a perfect closure for the album: the macabre theme and the dual guitar melodies create a grim spectacle. While the Greek titans still hold the same sonic, architectural principles which they already display since their comeback album ‘Communion’, they have aptly succeeded in creating a beast of an album.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

‘Modern Primitive’ is close to being an absolute masterpiece, full of epic moments and sublime symphonies. This is a great album that distinguishes itself through its composition and solid song structures.

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