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Symphonic death metal masters Septicflesh unleashed another track and video of their upcoming new album “Modern Primitive”!

Symphonic death metal masters Septicflesh announced their upcoming new album ‘Modern Primitive’ and unleashed a first track!

Septicflesh have something in store for us metalheads who still can’t enjoy concerts.

Greek death metallers Septicflesh are coming for you, Europe! Get ready for this…

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In 2019 the Hellenic masters of symphonic, blackened death metal, Septicflesh, finally did full justice to their grand, orchestral manoeuvers in the dark when they performed with a full orchestra and choir in Mexico City.

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When the Greek death metal masters of Septicflesh come to town and bring with them Krisiun. You know you have to be there! Check out the pics of their Helsinki show!


For the fourth year already, the cosiest festival of France is organised at Torcy. For the third time, GRIMM Gent is looking forward to Fall of Summer festival!