There’s still quite some time before the next edition of Alcatraz Festival is happening, and we’re still somewhat buzzing on the memories we have from this summer’s edition, but here they are getting us all excited already again for next summer with no less than 50 confirmed acts!

With ARCHITECTS, Amon Amarth, Opeth, Clutch, Cradle of Filth, Hatebreed, Satyricon, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Exodus, WATAIN, Dark Tranquillity, Spiritbox, Korpiklaani, Jinjer, Feuerschwanz, Dokken, Marduk, Life Of Agony, Armored Saint, MADBALL, The Night Flight Orchestra, Lord Of The Lost, ORDEN OGAN, Finntroll, SEPTICFLESH, Orange Goblin, Soil, Benediction, Brant Bjork, Eclipse, Raven, Terrorizer, Misery Index, Heathen, GREEN LUNG, Legion of the Damned, Massacre, monkey3, CRO-MAGS, Truckfighters, Bodysnatcher, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, Fen, The Casualties, Exumer, Skeletal Remains, Left to Die, Audrey Horne, and Thronehammer the organization is already bringing us an impressive array of different bands and genres spanning all the way from old school to new school, extreme to more accessible, underground to popular and we can hardly wait to see what else they’ll end up adding still!

This announcement also comes with the promise that they are looking to continue the way they have been doing things, not expanding anymore, but maintaining and even improving the overall experience and quality of everything, listening to the feedback of their visitors and always looking to grow into as near as perfect they can get!

Tickets & info can be found here:

Stay tuned for more news probably soon!

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