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Symphonic death metal masters Septicflesh announced their upcoming new album ‘Modern Primitive’ and unleashed a first track!


As usual, Mazen’s top albums are a mix of death metal, black metal and a touch of doom metal, heralding everything that is underground and extreme with bands like Phobophilic, Autopsy, Stormruler, Watain, Shape of Despair, Ars Hmu, Sedimentum, Chaotian, Trolldom and Immolation!

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Septicflesh’s 11th album ‘Modern Primitive’ wields an orchestral forte, illustrating the complex work of the symphonies coupled with gigantic chugging and monstrous growls. The Greek titans spectacularly encompass all of its brutality in a colossal,new, sonic showpiece, out on Nuclear Blast.