Gary Godwin


Interview with Hellyeah's singer Chad Gray on their Unden!able world tour.

Korn (Lotto Arena)

An arena filled with fans shouting out the lyrics and you've got yourself a party

Stranger Dimensions – Heartless

Experimental metalcore from Belgium!

First names made public for Ieperfest 2017!

First names made public for Ieperfest 2017!


Touring, making music and friends...

The Agonist

Interview with Vicky Psarakis from The Agonist about their latest album "Five", herself and recent changes they've been through.

The Agonist – Five

Melodic death metal from Canada! Review of The Agonist's latest album 'Five'!

Skálmöld – Vögguvísur Yggdrasils

Take a magical trip through the nine worlds/realms of the viking mythology with Skálmöld!

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

A head-bobbing inducing melodic piece of death/black metal...

Visions Of Atlantis – Old Routes, New Waters

The symphonic band reimagined some old fan favorites.