A little overview of great metal, rock and industrial soundtracks from big horror franchises in the 21st century!

Album Reviews

Take a trip with Gabriel along a giant spiraling staircase through a gothic time.

The Ordo Omegae Absolutae collective provides you with an hour of qualitative black metal. Raw, unpolished, but highly melodic.

Moshburger is an album just as crazy and funny as the title would suggest, Insanity Alert will leave you with a sore neck.

Punk and Rock&Roll blend together like Jack&Coke

Simple but great industrial rock/metal!

Death at it’s deathest.

Macbeth and Satan, you might ask? Khaospath combined them perfectly!

Does Arch Enemy need any introduction? In case your answer to that question is affirmative, you’re probably new to the whole melodic death metal genre and you’ve just found the perfect place to get your mind blown. In case your answer to that question was negative, you already know why you’re here; to get your […]