Solifugia – The Ultimate Promise Of Evil

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The band Solifugia brings Death Metal to the audience and came up with their latest work ‘The Ultimate Promise Of Evil’ in June 2016. This work is their first full album, following a demo and EP. The five-headed death-team arose in Sint-Laureins, Belgium. The band was formed in 1999 with former members of Centurial and Locusta. Later on the band gained forces: Peter joined for vocals and Maarten plays the second guitar.

Recently the members played at a GRIMM night in the Kinky Star (pictures are to be found on this link). A fun fact: the band posted a note on Facebook that they ‘pimped out bannered out’ their rehearsal place – the text reveals that they practice or come together at Friday evenings.

Spinning death metal, right in your face ! Look for us nearby..

The Ultimate Promise Of Evil kicks off with Hypocrisy Purged. The music and grunts are immediately “coming for you”. Feasting The Devil contains a strong beat with ‘calmer’ moments of non-singing instrumental pieces. The next track Unreal lays in the same line of the previous one. It has a surprising intermezzo but the speed of the drums and finger-quick picking are corresponding: Death at it’s Deathest. With Spawn Of Parasites the band gives room to fuel your battery-self… so it seems because after a little while the musicians are kicking it off again.

The beat in Gift Of Fear allows you to headbang “rougher”, the rhythm lays a bit lower which gives more time to swing your hair around. New World Legion has an even lower speed – it gives the band time to breath and gives the audience more variation in their music. With an exception at the end of the song, where the drummer’s hands seem to be in battle for speed. That fight continues in The Ancient Sin. The melody in this song gets stuck in your head and at some moments, it steps away from the general line of the ‘average’ music in previous songs. Besides the Death genre, here you can hear a slight core influence. Comparable with this is Walk Of Death. 

Generally speaking the album is recommended for your collection, especially if you are a fan of Death Metal. The music remains in it’s own style but also contents a lot of variation (speed, rhythms, vocals etc). It is noticeable that the men have experience, which makes the album sound like work of  good quality. The downside of the album itself, is the almost unreadable text in the book (dark grey background with black ink).

Release date: June 13th, 2016
01. Hypocrisy Purged
02. Feasting The Devil
03. Unreal 2015
04. Spawn Of Parasites
05. Gift Of Fear
06. New World Legion
07. The Ancient Sin
08. Walk Of Death
09. Wrath Incarnate


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals6/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork/Packaging5/10
  • Originality6/10
6.4The album is recommended to add to your collection. The music corresponds with the expectations of the genre Death Metal. A downside: the album does not define itself as a top-notch piece of work.