Gig Reports

German folk outfit Faun made it all the way to Finland to turn Helsinki rock club Tavastia in a magical place filled with legendary tales and creatures dancing to their wonderful tunes. With them came the Italian duo Emian to get us in the right mood. So many thanks to TuskaLive for bringing these lovely people there!

The godfathers of blackgaze, Alcest, are back on the road, with a brand new record under the arm and we were at their stop in Helsinki!

A night of Satanic doo-wop with Twin Temple and wholesome atmospheric tunes from Hexvessel. What a way to get through the rest of your week!

A cold evening in February, we were taken on a magical journey with the acoustic set of Myrkur!

Photo Reports

Grilling season was figuratively and quite literally opened when The European Siege tour starring Unto Others, Carcass, Behemoth and Arch Enemy hit Jäähalli in Helsinki with their first sold out show of the tour.

Pictures of a magical night with Alcest, a powerbomb by the name of Bird In Row and the mystical synth music from Kælan Mikla!

Pictures of a satanic doo-wop night with Twin Temple to break the week a little bit!

Pictures of a dark, cozy and atmospheric acoustic show by the illustrious Myrkur…


This year’s Tuska will be one to remember since they’re gearing up to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a bang! Go see what is happening…