Leprous – Aphelion

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Leprous started out as a progressive metal band and immediately found their place in scene. With their 2019 release ‘Pitfalls’ they profiled themselves more with a more mainstream approach in which we could see a departure from their signature progressive metal to a more prog-rock sound. With ‘Aphelion’ they continue on this path with an even more refined mix of their back catalogue.

‘Running Low‘ opens up with a piano together with Einar‘s vocals building up slowly to a simple, yet addictive chorus that will crawl in your head for the days to come. The strings that they added in this song give the song some theatrical vibes taking you to a breathtaking finale. ‘Out Of Here‘ has this mix of guitar tones and synths with a groovy crescendo midway that combines it to an atmospheric vibe. Synths are coming back more on the front in ‘Silhouette‘, where also the strings are playing a big role. Einar Solberg‘s vocals are blending effortlessly in ‘All The Moments‘, a slow moment on the disc with quite impressive piano work.

Have You Ever?‘ is one of the tracks that stands out the most. Again synths stitched together with Einar‘s harmonies and a beat that ties it all together. On this track Leprous exposes how to use their instrumental arsenal. ‘The Silent Revelation‘ and ‘The Shadow Side‘ are typical Leprous songs. On the nearly 8 minute epic ‘On HoldEinar deals with insecurities, conformity and struggling with your own identity in the darkest of times. Somehow it reminds me somewhat of Muse, with a Leprous sauce all over it. ‘Nightime Disguise‘, the last track, goes way back to their older work. It isn’t exactly the same as their earlier records, though it is one of the more proggier tracks and a very nice closing track to this 56 minute long journey that ‘Aphelion‘ is.

Leprous is still doing what it has to do. Delivering quality records with their own signature sound. Although sometimes I have the impression that Leprous plays it safe with their more prog rock oriented sound, still it is played on a high level. While most fans of the first hours will still love ‘Bilateral’ more, with ‘Aphelion’ Leprous stands out as a high quality songwriting band. If you like this band , they are a planning a tour in December for their 20th anniversary, so go and check them out.

Release Date : August 27th 2021
Label : Inside Out Music
Tracklist :

1. Running Low
2. Out Of Here
3. Silhouette
4. All The Moments
5. Have You Ever?
6. The Silent Revelation
7. The Shadow Side
8. On Hold
9. Castaway Angels
10. Nighttime Disguise


  • Music9/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality9/10
9A mix between prog rock and the more complex rhythmatic stuff is what Leprous delivers on 'Aphelion'.
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