Kadinja – Super 90′

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France has always been delivering some nice acts like Gojira, Rush, Dagoba too name just a few . Kadinja is a name that will ring some bells if you are more into the whole djent movement scene. Their debut album Ascendency  received a lot of good critics. Now they are back with  Super 90′ , let see what this is all about.

Super 90’ sounds like they continue where Ascendency stopped, recognizable djent with a lot of technical riffs, a good groove and a voice that goes from heavy to clean and the other way around. Immediately comes Periphery to mind when you are listening to Kadinja, even a bit too much, while everything is performed more than the average, hence they can compete with some of the finest acts out there, finding a sound of their own would give this band the recognition they deserve.

The songs on this album are quite diverse with some hard ones like Empire and The Modern Rage while Icon and From The Inside have a more Deftones feeling that have been customized by a djent wizard. Véronique is a song where they added some more experimental sounds which are  very nice to hear. The other songs are also very enjoyable although they stay a bit too much in the typical djent sound. Closing track Avec Tout Mon Amour tries out a more creative side with a more atmospheric sound which just stands out from the rest of the album.

Kadinja shows us once again that they are masters of their instruments, no doubt about that. On this album there are songs that are quite enjoyable, the songwriting and composing is far above the average. It just sounds something that has done a lot before, I am sure they will continue and search for their own signature sound, just like the bigger brothers of Periphery have done. If you love some good technical progressive djent check them out, you won’t be disappointed

Release Date : 19th January 2019
Label : Arising Empire
Tracklist :
1. Empire 4:27
2. From The Inside 4:44
3. The Modern Rage 4:06
4. Icon 4:16
5. The Right Escape 4:49
6. Véronique 6:56
7. Episteme 4:15
8. Strive 3:20
9. Muted Rain 4:22
10. House Of Cards 3:26
11. Avec tout mon Amour 6:55


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production/Mix8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality7/10
7.8French djenters Kadinja delivers a technically album that will be loved by true djent fans.
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