Nightfell – A Sanity Deranged

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It seems that all the good music nowadays comes from the USA and mainly from Portland, Oregon and apparently Nightfell are one of these bands that brings some good quality to their music. The duo returns with their third album titled A Sanity Deranged the album was recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer studios with some additional musicians. The band is comprised of Tim Call on drums and vocals (Sempiternal Dusk, Mournful Congregation, Weregoat), Todd Burdette (Trauma, Tragedy) on vocals, guitars and bass. The album contains six tracks of mid tempo death/doom given the melody a bigger portion to extend. With deep growling vocals that evoke the early style of this genre, the tracks continue to transform into a macabre tone.

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A Sanity Deranged‘s songwriting is fixed by the old school method of 90’s death/doom metal. The opening song brings some complex components of black metal interlaced into the sound. “No Life Leaves Here” opens the album with dark melodies arranged by tremolo pickings and heavy drums pounding. The duo keeps the elements arranged in parallel pitch with death and doom metal.

The atmosphere which encapsulate the second track (As Now) We Must Succumb has a notable transformation into a darker style of death/doom. Nightfell borrow elements of 90’s death metal and turn their sound into crushing obscure dirges. And it’s imposing to say that the duo perfectly measure the rhythmical effect on the second track. With pulverizing riff work and keyboards effect that brings the atmosphere into a melancholic cadence.

A Sanity Deranged is a nostalgic embodiment of the old school death and doom metal. The entirety of the album contains many tempos changes, the main focus is on the macabre atmosphere. However Nightfell‘s style is dominated by melodic chords and the ghastly growls. The drums aren’t lethargic although the musical template is mostly centered on a similar song structure. There is clear simplicity in how the band create the melancholic patterns. Nightfell have their own and unique way to make a great use of the chords, and these chords mainly beautify the tracks. Beside the malevolent growls and striking drum blows. The musical influences are generally affected by the Swedish death/doom bands such as God Macabre and Gorement

The obscure guitar tone and the ethereal choirs on the third track To The Flame are introduced to fulfill the melancholic disharmony. The guitar capabilities on A Sanity Deranged have particular qualities to them. The drums act like a steamroller, slow but crushingly heavy with melodies created by the guitar. The riff work on the album generates the melody where each riff is doomier and irresistible. The role of the rhythm guitar is marvelously performed, Nightfell keeps a repeated cadence and by coherent musicianship the creative force lays its magic on the The Swallowing Of Flies. Every track has a distinctive rhythm and deep guttural vocalization, Nightfell with their third album initiate a prosperous epoch unto their career.

Their songwriting is quit accessible and uncovers a unique way to death/doom metal. Some notable elements from older Katatonia and Gorement can be heard on this mournful album. Although the band follows the old school template of death/doom metal the typical inspiration to Swedish death metal has somehow affected their musical style as well. Yet the most stunning piece of their musical creation is the closing track Sanity Deranged. An epic death/doom remedy for the unhallowed souls, the best way to describe the track is by the down-tuned guitars and the deep guttural growls.

The somber tone pervades this beautiful track, A Sanity Deranged has many tempo changes. But the most important aspect here is that the band has created music full of somber tunes. And these dark and excessive melodies are mastered to change the mood. A Sanity Deranged clocks around 36 minutes of pure melancholy, not many bands play this kind of nostalgic death/doom metal style, but Nightfell have perfected their method on their latest album.

Release Date: September 12, 2019
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Track list:

  1. No Life Leaves Here
  2. (As Now) We Must Succumb
  3. To the Flame
  4. The Swallowing of Flies
  5. Holiness Digested
  6. Sanity Deranged


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8"A Sanity Deranged" clocks around 36 minutes of pure melancholy, not many bands play this kind of nostalgic death/doom metal style, but Nightfell have perfected their method on their latest album.
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