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Portland, Oregon based progressive sludge outfit Lord Dying shared the video single ‘The Universe Is Weeping’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Clandestine Transcendence’, set for release via MNRK Heavy next week Friday!

From the cold dank fog of Portland, Oregon re-emerges death metal unit Petrification with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Sever Sacred Light’, set for release next month via Svart Records! Of which a second single ‘Sepulchral Lesions’ is out now!

Death metal battalion Vitriol unleashed its third new single ‘Shame and Its Afterbirth’, alongside a play through video, which is the opening track from their upcoming album ‘Suffer & Become’, set for release on January 26th via Century Media Records!

Portland, Maine based atmospheric black metal duo Obsidian Tongue presents their most epic work to date with their upcoming new EP ‘The Stone Heart’, unveiling the title track with a captivating video!

Petrification is about to unleash their cosmic curses upon mankind via Svart Records on February 9th! And served up a first suckerpunch with the opening track ‘Twisted Visions of Creation’!

Dying Wish shared another brutal single with ‘Path To Your Grave’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Symptoms of Survival’, out in November via SharpTone Records!

Dying Wish announced their new album ‘Symptoms of Survival’ to be released on November 3rd via SharpTone Records, and now shared the single ‘Lost in the Fall’ with a captivating video!

Portland rock outfit Blackwater Holylight revealed a first track and video for the ‘Around You’ track, from the upcoming ‘Silence/Motion’ album!

Dark rock duo Hoaxed signed to Relapse Records to cast their spell all over the world with a full-length album coming next year!

Dying Wish released their second single ‘Until Mourning Comes’ with a video, coming from their upcoming new album Fragments of a Bitter Memory’!

Album Reviews

On their full-length debut album “Mass Grave Horizon” Portland, Oregan quartet Excarnated Entity delivers am oppressive slab of crushing death/doom metal. The album was released on September 8th, via Nuclear Winter Records.

Nightfell borrow the elements of 90’s death metal and turn their sound into crushing obscure dirges.

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