GRIMM goes rogue: Trax Festival 2021 (Roeselare)

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Trax festival in Roeselare caught our attention because Spoil Engine had a set there, while all the other bands were non metal bands. Their presence there was at least to be called remarkable. Other bands were no unknown names for the Belgian pop music scene. With artists like Bart Peeters and Portland this festival stood out for a free of charge event!

First Band was The Waltz. It was still early and the crowd was still arriving. They bring a strange combination between noise rock, indie rock, post-rock and pop and sadly had to play their set in front of an almost empty field:

The second band then was Spoil Engine. A strange choice in the rest of the line up, but good to attract people. If not for the handful of their loyal fans that showed up (some came only to see Spoil Engine, others stayed to attend the rest of the festival), then for the rest of the people who started showing up and wondered what all that noise was all about. The fans even managed to create a small moshpit while the others took a step back and watched everything questionably. For all the pictures go have a look here:

Spoil Engine-16

Third band was Mooneye. It’s 18.15h now and the place is getting crowded. This band releases its new album ‘Big enough’ on September 10th and are here to show us what they’re all about:

19.30h: Goldband. Next to a famous brand known by plasterers, it’s also a Dutch band that knows how to create the atmosphere. They have only been around for 2 years, already have 2 albums, and are no strangers to the public anymore anymore. The crowd goes wild:

The last band before the headliner is no other than Portland. (In 2016 they reached the finale of Humo’s Rock Rally and in 2018 they won the talent competition ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ by Studio Brussel.) They know how to create a certain chemistry. The interaction between Sarah Pepels and Jente Pironet results in a show that was… too short:

22.00h The long awaited headliner: Bart Peeters! A jack of all trades, you like him or hate him, but one thing’s for sure: whatever he does, he nails it! This was a bomb! An explosion of energy and a show that pleased young and old. Many hits made sure everyone sang along!

Thanks to Trax Festival for having us.

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