Darken The Moon 2018

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For the tenth edition of the Darken the Moon Festival, the organization came up with a lineup that no self-respecting fan of doom metal should want to pass up. It must be said, even though the venue was far from packed, a sizable amount of funerary aficionados had found their way to the Casino in Sint Niklaas. check out our pictures from this doomy evening here!


Green Carnation

Green Carnation - Gillian Pieteraerens-1977

Mournful Congregation

Mournfull Congregation - Gillian Pieteraerens-1865

Bell Witch

Bell Witch - Gillian Pieteraerens-1583

Marche Funèbre

MarcheFunebreLive - Gillian Pieteraerens-1353


Ophis - Gillian Pieteraerens-1111

Vin de Mia Trix

Vin de Mia trix - Gillian Pieteraerens-0888

Take a look here to read our review from this event.


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