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Check out the full stream of the debut album of promising new funeral doom outfit Vouna!

Album Reviews

With ‘Prosaic’, Liam Neigbors’ (aka A.L.N.) brainchild Mizmor takes a less conceptual, down to earth approach to its unique mixture of depressive black metal and funeral doom, making each song stand on its own two feet in this bleak slice of life. Out via Profound Lore Records on this Friday, July 21.

Shape of Despair has transcended far and beyond “Return to the Void” returns to the old ways as it set a new paradigm of outstanding craftsmanship that will surpass many fans of funeral doom metal.

“Trisagion” offers a grand spectacle of how modern atmospheric black metal and funeral doom can be effectively engaging and powerful when merged.

Worm’s deep interpretation of death/doom will let you loose yourself to the creepy synth and the frothing rhythm.

Yianna Bekris gives an emotional presentation where she brings some of the most poignant and dreamy works of the year.

On this debut outing, the Portuguese quintet follows the subterranean path of the Finnish forefathers of funeral doom metal Thergothon.

Atramentus has surely created their own niche, “Stygian” combines the somber qualities that define the dark aesthetics of funeral doom.

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check out our pictures from the doomy 10th edition of Darken The Moon Festival!