German black metal outfit Naxen released a lyric video for the track ‘To Writhe In The Womb Of Night’ from their upcoming album ‘Descending Into A Deeper Darkness’, set for release in May via Vendetta Records!

With ‘Prosaic’, Liam Neigbors’ (aka A.L.N.) brainchild Mizmor takes a less conceptual, down to earth approach to its unique mixture of depressive black metal and funeral doom, making each song stand on its own two feet in this bleak slice of life. Out via Profound Lore Records on this Friday, July 21.

The 2nd day of Steelfest XI, a day with intense performances from bands like Ymir, Infernal, Totalselfhatred, Ride For Revenge, and Kalmankantaja, a couple of firsts with Gravespawn and Grenadier visiting Europe for the first time, blistering shows by Tsatthoggua, Sex Messiah, and Witchtrap, and legendary black metal acts Gehenna, Behexen and Carpathian Forest!

The second day of Steelfest XI delivered another serving of proper dark underground and extreme metal on the indoors stage with performances from Gravespawn, Ymir, Infernal, Totalselfhatred, Ride For Revenge, Gehenna and Carpathian Forest!

Steelfest manages to impress with their line-up and organization every single year, and this year is no different, even after some recent setbacks! We’re amazed with the line-up that celebrates everything that is underground and extreme yet again, and that’s only a part of the reasons why you should still try to make it to the fest this weekend!

Atmospheric/depressive black metal project Winds Of Tragedy to release haunting new album ‘Hating Life’ via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions in February!