Worm – Foreverglade

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The third and highly anticipated album “Foreverglade” of the Floridian funeral doom metal outfit Worm conjures magical expertise to explore the morbid and atmospheric spectrum of the subgenre. The spectacular performance of Phantom Slaughter (vocals, guitars, bass, and synth) and Equimanthorn (synth), including Nihilistic Manifesto (lead guitars), and L. Dusk (drums), really shines. Following the inspiring sophomore “Gloomlord”, Worm seemingly molded a distinctive identity of its own. The flawless songs are rather inspiring, creating spectral qualities but creepy themes of darkness and despair have many complex intertwining passages. On the third album, Worm invokes the primordial sound of funeral doom metal, in this sense the work of art is derived from surrealistic elements of black metal. Presumably listening to “Gloomlord” or “Foreverglade” is like watching the witches cauldron smoldering with magical portions, the music overflowing in multilayered textures.

As the bubbling cauldron vents its sonic enchantment on the album’s opening track “Foreverglade”, you’ll quickly lose yourself to the creepy synth and the frothing rhythm. Eerie guitars crawl out from the forlorn catacombs, painting chilling landscapes of blackened doom, within its unearthly undertones the dark sinister growls swell wide and deep. The drums effortlessly batter with guitars pouring out slow lumbering riffs and the variable growling effect adds an extra dimension. The indescribable atmosphere unfolds a meditative experience with the following track “Murk Above The Dark Moor”, a slow burn listen as if the whole focus sets up a spooky aura. This majestic slow-paced style of atmospheric doom effectively blends the rhythm guitar into a ghostly backdrop. While expanding on the multidimensional subgenres, the guitars and the synth meanders along the slow passages. The album has many pinnacle moments where the guitars and the spectral atmospheric integrate to darken the mood. 

Worm takes you back to the ancient landscapes of Goatlord with the elderly rhythms of old black metal and funeral doom metal, however each moment feels mysteriously palpable. The uncanny manifestation of entrenching fundamental elements of black metal with the primal patterns gives the album a superannuated aspect. The guitars on “Cloaked in Nightwinds” offer a heavy barrage of soul-crushing doom metal, the guitars and vocals bring plenty of hooks. At times the mid-tempo paints phantasmal landscapes of grotesque shades, dead trees, and supernatural creatures. Slow and melodic chords are perfectly layered in contrast to the haunting rasps that sweeps in, the dreary passages capture the bleak majesty of the musical soundscapes of woe and desolation. The guitar work is absolutely spellbinding, replete with chord-laden hooks and slow crawling riffs. While bending their sonic cauldron in a twisted way the towering talent of the vocals and the lead guitars are masterfully attained.  

An indescribable sensation captivates the listener with its necromantic atmosphere, the haunting synth creates moments of surging darkness. “Empire of Necromancers” channels all of their influences and effort into one mesmerizing song. The sophisticated melodies of heavy metal make it among the most unique songs I’ve heard in the funeral doom genre. Slow, but crushingly heavy the tempo evolves, adding other elements like blast beats. Worm crosses new barriers of their craft, the performance is actually quite phenomenal when it comes to each instrument the slow lethargic section of the song moves through mid-tempo. 

The sonic contents reflect the otherworldly elements that stimulate the unsettling nature of bands such as Goatlord, and Spectral Voice, and Evoken. “Subaqueous Funeral” puts tremendous emphasis on the lead guitars, the undeniable quality showcases the technical aspect of the lead guitars. The significant capability comes from the rhythm and dark brooding riffs that are accompanied by stellar guitar solos. “Centuries Of Ooze” is an epic track of nine minutes long. It opens with a spooky church organ providing an ominous feeling of dread. Within the lengthening spaces, the ominous melodies serve as a backdrop to the slow measured pace of the drums. Slow lethargic tempos emphasize melody and melancholy the lead guitars oozing sepulchral mood. 

Worm’s deep interpretation of death/doom displays unique methods of creating different textures while maintaining a slow-paced tempo, the guitar’s work imbues rich atmospherics. Likewise “Foreverglade” feels dark and mysteriously ominous as on the sophomore effort the guitars churn out somber melodies, at times the brooding atmosphere morphs into many bleak passages. This is definitely one of the best albums of the year that has its own quality and characteristic complexity.

Release Date: October 22nd, 2021
Label: 20 Buck Spin

  1. Foreverglade
  2. Murk Above the Moor
  3. Cloaked in Nightwinds
  4. Empire of the Necromancers
  5. Subaqueos Funeral
  6. Centuries of Ooze


  • Music10/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics10/10
  • Production10/10
  • Artwork10/10
  • Originality10/10
10Worm invokes both primordial death and doom metal in this sense the work of art is derived from surrealistic elements of black metal. Presumably listening to “Gloomlord” or “Foreverglade” is like watching the witches cauldron smoldering with magical portions, the music overflowing in multilayered textures.
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