Album Reviews

20 Buck Spin presents the latest split album “Starpath”, unfolding the blissful serene and grim nature of Dream Unending and Worm in a special release, integrating the light side of yin and the dark side of yang in a beautiful symmetry. Out on November 24th.

Resonating with sepulchral melodies, Worm’s ‘Bluenothing’ is meticulously balanced between black doom and death/doom metal, demonstrating a natural transition into the dark ominous realms of symphonic black metal. Out via 20 Buck Spin.

Worm’s deep interpretation of death/doom will let you loose yourself to the creepy synth and the frothing rhythm.

Streaming straight from Florida’s swamps comes Worm’s sophomore album ‘Gloomlord’ ever so creepingly as it burrows itself deeper and deeper into the putrid, rotting flesh of primordial funeral doom.


As usual, Mazen’s top albums are a mix of death metal, black metal and a touch of doom metal, heralding everything that is underground and extreme with bands like Phobophilic, Autopsy, Stormruler, Watain, Shape of Despair, Ars Hmu, Sedimentum, Chaotian, Trolldom and Immolation!

The ultimate selection of black and death metal with the right amount of doom infused. Check out Maxen’s AOTY 2021!