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US black metal act Hulder issues ‘Hearken The End’ video single in anticipation of the release of the new album ‘Verses In Oath’, set for release next month via 20 Buck Spin!

US black metal act Hulder to release second LP ‘Verses In Oath’ in February 2024 via 20 Buck Spin, and shared a first track with ‘Vessel Of Suffering’!

Canadian death metallers announces the new full-length album ‘The Enduring Spirit’, to be released via 20 Buck Spin!

Death metal outfit Torture Rack announced their new album ‘Primeval Onslaught’ to be released in June via 20 Buck Spin!

VoidCeremony announced their upcoming album ‘Threads Of Unknowing’ to be released in April via 20 Buck Spin and shared a first single with ‘Writhing in the Facade of Time’!

Finnish death metal outfit Ghastly announces their upcoming new album and share a first track with ‘Parasites’!

Spirit Adrift shares yet another epic piece of heavy metal. Fans of classic heavy metal have new heroes to herald!

Doomy heavy metal band Khemmis is broadening their reach for their next release by getting welcomed into the Nuclear Blast family!

Album Reviews

Hulder on its second full length album “Verses In Oath” presents an enthralling mixture of pagan/folk black metal with many unforgettable epic moments, out via 20 Buck Spin today, February 9th.

20 Buck Spin presents the latest split album “Starpath”, unfolding the blissful serene and grim nature of Dream Unending and Worm in a special release, integrating the light side of yin and the dark side of yang in a beautiful symmetry. Out on November 24th.

Death metal supergroup Vastum’s fifth studio album “Inward to Gethsemane” cements the cavernous brutality of the band, out via 20 Buck Spin tomorrow, November 10th.

Fourth chapter, “The Enduring Spirit” of Toronto-based death metal outfit Tomb Mold offers a spectacular mix of technical/progressive elements in such a visceral and unforgotten performance. Out now digitally via 20 Buck Spin and physically next month!

Lunar Chamber is one of the most unique bands in the subgenre of progressive technical death metal. Their debut EP “Shambhallic Vibrations” is such a mind-boggling record full of sophisticated riffing and a bizarre ethereal atmosphere, released via 20 Buck Spin.

The third album from the Oregon-Portland based-death metal quartet Torture Rack, “Primeval Onslaught”, includes many highlight tracks. No frills here, just fucking primitive and putrid old school death metal from start to finish, Torture Rack will leave you all satisfied. Released via 20 Buck Spin!

Sophomore release “Evenfall of the Apocalypse” of the U.S. death metal act Ascended Dead is fiercely brutal. The riffing and the top-notch drumming is brought to the maximum, which makes the album full of intensity and evil bestiality. This is an intense and brutal death metal record recommended for fans of Pissgrave, Of Feather and Bone, and Lvcifyre, released via 20 Buck Spin!

Following suit its inaugural instalment two years ago, Australian masters of melancholy Mournful Congregation completed its funereal diptych with ‘The Exuviae of the Gods Part II’ . Out via Osmose Records and 20 Buck Spin.

VoidCeremony’s sophomore ‘Threads of Unknowing’ delivers a visceral piece of technical death metal showcasing the unrivaled mastery and jazzy approach for which the band became known. Suffice to say that this is one of the best albums in death metal this year. Out via 20 Buck Spin.

The sophomore ‘Death Age’ from the Los-Angeles death metal squad Kommand delivers a cavernous slab of brutality in the vein of bands like Bolt Thrower, the album is recommended for the connoisseurs of raw death metal. Out via 20 Buck Spin.