Slimelord – Chytridiomycosis Relinquished

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Slimelord is a newly established death/doom band formed by members of Cryptic Shift, ex-Obliterator, ex-Horrified, and Abominable Filth. Following the strong EP releases “The Delta Death Sirens”, “Moss Contamination” and, “Insurmountable Peril”, the West Yorkshire quintet was signed by 20 Buck Spin and present their first full-length album “Chytridiomycosis Relinquished”. There is no debate regarding the monstrous sound of the latest material for Slimelord delivers a soundtrack of dread and a sound steeped in innovative death metal.

Right off the bat, Slimelord brings something immense and dynamic to the table, the riffs on the album swing like an axe, making the entire album like a deranged journey awash with the miasmic atmosphere in the opening track “The Beckoning Bell”. The dynamic consistency of the songs is backed by brooding riffs and guttural growls with the monolithic drum beats oozing down consuming you slowly into an ominous feeling. There are impressive hints of death doom in the riffage while the growls lurking in the low tone and bordering an intense dread the overall tone gears for an unhinged and desolate offering captured by the torturous aural madness.

The transition to death doom metal is usually followed by a buildup of tension, and that’s when Slimelord devours your senses and leaves you lifeless. Some of the main highlights of the album come from the gnarly death metal riffage the emphasis atmosphere induces palpable fear in tracks like “Gut-Brain Axis” which showcases the crushing signature sound of playing at a mid-paced tempo. The slow cadence of the double bass drums and the hissing vocals make it drearier; the riffing is so dark and laden with sheer technicality, but there is a damned catchiness about each song that is coherently potent.

Albeit muddy and somewhat raw the quintet managed to cement its bizarre twisted brand of death doom, the song is prolonged to seven and eight minutes, the atmosphere ensues a spectral torment that is enthralling enough to get you hooked to the sonic macabre.

Splayed Mudscape” opens with a burbling sound, and it’s one of those alchemical soundtracks exacerbated by the miasmic monotonousness the twisted riffing is more versatile, and the drums come crushing with their slow rhythmic beats to create such an experience that you are trapped in a dream-like vision of an ominous apparition. Given the fact that the riffs are interchangeable Slimelord conveys dimensional experimentation, as cathartic and atmospheric as it may sound “Chytridiomycosis Relinquished” reaches the peaks of innovative composition.

The morose approach of the growling on the album is fucking misanthropic with the riffs bending and melting the mind, and the heaviest track on the album is “Batrachomorpha Resurrections Chamber” which borders on the spectrum of death doom. The further moments unfold some crushing drum beats and unearthly soundscapes there is an element of menace coming out of the boiling cauldron that takes a dramatic shift in the atmosphere therefore the hooks are remarkably placed within the song’s pacing.

The sound effects and the riffing add layers to form some sonic dread and Slimelord’s brand of death doom is delivered at such a gigantic slow pace, while in other songs like “The Hissing Moor” the gloomy riffs reek out a sense of doom. There is plenty of space for each instrument to shine, which is why Slimelord has a knack for infusing the heaviness of its riffs with a swaggering methodical style. Similarly, the effects, atmosphere, and elongated riffs manifest the psychedelic emotions by maintaining an organic sound trip and pushing it to the outer limits of death doom.

The album is similar to the ilk of Disembowelment and Spectral Voice, though some elements may refresh one’s mind, other songs like “Tidal Slaughtermarsh” bring you closer to the realm of bleak dismay, horror, and spectral sounds beyond the nature of this earth.

This eight-minute song smoothly flows by the horrific macabre atmosphere with the lead guitar sluggishly propelled by crushing drum beats, the guttural growls move the atmosphere and the sudden attack of the drums illustrates how Slimelord can sound dynamic and simply out of this fucking world. Smashing drums work in tandem with a rhythm section and bass guitar and blast beats then deliver a punishing assault.

Chytridiomycosis Relinquished” is certified fresh the full-length album defines the mysteriousness of the music which then flows and brings something beyond the human experience, musically Slimelord achieved a unique but also innovative work. The final track “Heroic Demise” is perhaps the most crushing and haunting track of the band’s composition, while this may sound more characteristic to the style of death doom, the almost five-minute finale features no vocals, yet the lead guitars paint an epic and dramatic manner of the band’s unique instrumentation that draw out the sheer aesthetics of Slimelord’s musical quality is surely beyond measures.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 9/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 9/10

At a duration of forty-seven minutes, Slimelord brings an excellent atmospheric death doom, and it’s highly recommended for fans of the genre to seek out this marvelous record, this is one hell of an oceanic experience that shouldn’t be missed!

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