Judas Priest – Invincible Shield

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Defending the throne of heavy metal since the dawn of 1970, British juggernaut Judas Priest returns with a formidable record, “Invincible Shield”. Hitting in all directions with a massive iron ball, the consistent lineup consists of Rob Halford (vocals), Glenn Tipton (guitars), Richie Faulkner (guitars), Ian Hill (bass), and Scott Travis (drums), offering fans of heavy metal what they have been eagerly waiting for. The 19th studio album is a thunderously powerful record. Certainly, it alleviates these Brits to the hall of fame with eleven new songs bashing you with gritty metal songs rocking you to the core with twin guitars and showcasing the integrity of the band’s performance.

The Sci-fi intro in the opening track “Panic Attack” immediately builds to a powerful climax triggering a heavy reverb, with Rob Halford’s snarling vocals sending chills down your spine. The dual guitar attacks, and the smashing drums, are like the hammering on the anvil. The screams for vengeance with fists in the air take action at the onset of this incredible album. And the rhythm guitar is fiery enough to melt the steel. Judas Priest steers us on one hell of a ride, with no remorse and no wankery bullshit, hence we get songs charged with the spirit of a British bulldog.

A dirty Motörhead attitude is somewhat displayed in “The Serpent and The King”. This time with the throat-cutting screams of Rob Halford seem to have the brevity of the wit, and the menacing riffs come in a furious assortment of the loud beating percussion and guitars unleashing a relentless stampede. If anything, “Invincible Shield” is a deafening sound of how Judas Priest can sound: ultimately aggressive, pure, and straightforward heavy metal. Even with earplugs the sound is massive, listen to the album’s title track, it tells us that Judas Priest has honed its talents to perfection, there are no experimentation, nor need for any modern bullshit gimmicks.

The soaring vocals, shimmering lead guitars, and boisterous guitar solos are driven from the signature style of these Brits, with heart and soul given to these killer new songs leaving us in the wake of the thundering riffs. “Invincible Shield” is full of brisk tempos and the songwriting is even more intense to bring a more dynamic heavy sound. Of course Rob Halford’s piercing vocals are impeccably great, and flawless, they hit high notes on several songs and there is more passion in the songs like “Devil in Disguise”.

You can expect some rocking up-tempo choruses emerging from the haze of the catchy guitar melodies on “Gates of Hell“. The heavy offset of the aggressive riffs embodies the true spirit of the band, and it’s fantastically displayed, the melody swoops like an eagle, and the fiery rhythm guitars set the stage for the emotive solos. Throughout the album, the bass guitar is strongly present, and the sound of pure heavy metal comes to life. The modern production of Andy Sneap, who is also the touring guitarist, found a great symmetry between the dynamics, pacing, and heaviness. While the blazing riffs are delivered with a catchy thread of melody, the dual guitars revel in a storm of raw fury mixed with melody.

The songs move along in great rocking style and never swerve away from the traditional sound of Judas Priest. The tone of might and glory showing variation in the up-beat tempos hits us with a formidable force and gives us the band’s best performance. The shifts in tempos and choruses are precise, and the stylistic and sleek talents of Richie Faulkner and Glenn Tipton brought with an exceptionally high energetic standard capture the heart of million fans with their amazing acrobatic performance.

Bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis leave no criticism as they combine their talent to fit the fierce formula of the band, as the thundering guitars, melodic vocals, and streaming melodies transcend along the catchy rhythm guitar on “Crown of Horns”. The result is exhilarating, melodically profuse, and catchy as hell. One can get lost in such moments under the spell of the poetic words. The fury continues on songs like “As God is my Witness” and picks up the tempo with absolute feverish riffs but its scorching pace showing marvelous skill in how the crushing drums inject double bass kicks, the booming bass guitar pumping adrenaline in your blood.

The mean machine of Priest is on a killing spree on this album, which is ten times heavier than its predecessor “Fire Power”. The energetic counterblow of the aggressive rhythm guitar is spot on and jaw-droppingly savage versus the emotive climax of energetic melodies, and the unique melodies on “Trial by Fire”. There is no doubt that the new record is the band’s most consistent, flawless, and extreme album released in many years, therefore “Invincible Shield” deserves full merit for its supreme mastery and performance.

Escape From Reality” and “Sons of Thunder” are grimly dark and draw inspiration from the 80s heavy metal spirit. The creepy vibe of the vocals and the forceful guitar riffs have a unique quality that makes them some of the best heavy and catchiest songs on the album that will remind fans of the album “Painkiller”.

The closing track “Giants in the Sky” is an ode to the Viking gods. It assaults the listener with an unrelenting powerhouse of twin guitars, though sounding as innovative there is so much creativity in the melodies, and stomping drums that will leave you craving for more. There are some brief acoustic guitar sections midway through this epic song where Rob Halford’s vocals arrest the heart and soul, but the majestic riffs continue to overflow til the end.

The deluxe edition of the album comes with three bonus tracks making a total of 14 songs of pure venomous heavy metal masterpiece.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 10/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 10/10

The 19th studio album “Invincible Shield” is a heavy metal stomper masterpiece from the British juggernaut.

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