Album Reviews

“Invincible Shield” is an album showing how Judas Priest can sound ultimately aggressive, pure, and straightforward heavy metal, out via Sony Music. There seems to be a consensus that this is one of their best albums since long, on par with some of their classics like ‘Painkiller’!

Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems album cover

A technically accomplished journey into the realms of beauty and despair.

3 dudes and 2 girls from Canada on a mission to melt your face off…

Multi-instrumentalist and former Emperor vocalist Ihsahn graces us with his newest progressive brainchild…

Festival Reports

The metal day of Lokerse Feesten was hot this year, in every aspect of the word… A hot line up, but also freaking hot weather!

Only the 2nd edition of The Rock Fest in Finland and we were in for one hell of a massive event!


Read all about what this fantastic, talented and beautiful lady has to say about her band Liv Sin !!