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Greek atmospheric death doom band On Thorns I Lay released 2nd track ‘Fallen From Grace’ of their upcoming album ‘On Thorns I Lay’, set for release in October via Season of Mist!

Album Reviews

20 Buck Spin brings forth the full-length album “Chytridiomycosis Relinquished” of the Est Yorkshire death doom quintet Slimelord. The seven epic songs reach the peaks of innovative composition defining the mysteriousness of the music, out since last Friday!

Kings of cavernous death doom Spectral Voice return with one of the year’s most monolithic albums. “Sparagmos” borders into the spectral realms and portrays the band’s unique take in a more crushing and dismal manner, released via Dark Descent Records on February 9th.

Despite a lengthy hiatus, Swedish death doom veterans Runemagick has been quite prolific again these past few years with ‘The Cenotaph of Mankind’ as the latest engraving into this monolith of doom. Out since last Friday via Hammerheart Records.

Minnesota death doom quartet Void Rot returns from the gaping void to deliver a crushing parade of an EP. ‘Telluric Dismemberment’ includes a brand new song, a cover song of Amorphis and three live songs taken from their first studio album ‘Descending Pillars’. Out on Everlasting Spew Records.


A chat with Jaakko and Niko from Marianas Rest about their new album ‘Auer’, set for release via Napalm Records on March 24, and how they’ve tried some new things with their music without losing the band’s soul, by having the courage to follow where the songs were taking them, bringing in clean vocals and a guest vocalist for the first time.


As usual, Mazen’s top albums are a mix of death metal, black metal and a touch of doom metal, heralding everything that is underground and extreme with bands like Phobophilic, Autopsy, Stormruler, Watain, Shape of Despair, Ars Hmu, Sedimentum, Chaotian, Trolldom and Immolation!