Marianas Rest – “We had the courage to follow the songs instead of forcing it to be heavy”

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Over the past decade, the Finnish melodic doom/death metal band Marianas Rest has been steadily building their fan base, sound and identity. Having been compared to some of their country’s biggest names, they’re definitely one of the frontrunners of the new generation that will continue to bring melancholy to the metal world like only Finns can. On March 24, they’re set to release their 4th full-length ‘Auer’ via Napalm Records, making it a good time to finally sit down with them to have a chat about their music…

We met up with vocalist Jaakko and bassist Niko and had a nice conversation about how they are both excited and anxious about ‘Auer‘ coming out soon, wondering what people will think of the whole album since they did quite a few new things on it. One major thing, is that they expanded their pallet so to say, where they had the courage to follow where the songs were taking them, instead of forcing it to be heavy. Which caused the album to have more calm moments than they ever had before in their music, including the first time using clean vocals more prominently. It feels to them that the whole band has gotten more comfortable with showing some of their vulnerabilities in both the lyrics and music. We also go deeper into the overarching theme of the album, where Jaakko tries to explain the meaning of the word “Auer“, with quite an elaborate story that involves looking at the problems society has and how the martyrs of this world are trying to steer things away from becoming a total wreck. We of course talked about their collaboration with Aaron Stainthorpe from My Dying Bride on closing track ‘Sirens‘ and how that came together.

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