Pressure Points – “Luckily we never called it quits and are happy with the band how it is now”

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Finally, almost a decade after their last album ‘False Lights’, the melodic and progressive metal outfit Pressure Points are back with the brand-new album ‘The Island’. Being inspired by big prog names like Dream Theater and even Leprous, and having a somewhat new line-up, it seemed like a good moment to catch up with original member and drummer Vile and new main vocalist Juha for a short chat…

Talking with Vile and Juha, we get a bit of an overview of Pressure Points‘ history: how the band started almost 2 decades ago and the road traveled, never having given up to now end up with the latest version of the band, including some line-up changes with the return of original guitarist Kari and new vocalist Juha. They’re pretty happy about how the band is put together now, and now finally there is the new and third album ‘The Island’ (out on Art Gates Records on March 17). We touch briefly on how it took them almost a decade to finalize a new album since their 2015 album ‘False Lights‘, and what things they did differently this time around. Lastly, they promised us to not get quiet again like before, hinting at having already some new tunes in the bag right now, and of course some of their plans considering live shows, including being part of the brand new “Kaamos Cruise” in September 2023!

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