Interview Lordi – “We tried to avoid songs about zombies, ass-f*cking and Evil Dead references”

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It very much seems like Mr. Lordi and the whole gang of monsters can’t sit still for too long. Barely 2 years after releasing 7 albums at once with ‘Lordiversity’, they’re already back with their new album ‘Screem Writers Guild’ (out since March 31st). An album that looks very inspired by the “Universal Monsters” classics and is their very first on Atomic Fire Records, their new home since recently. A good moment to meet up with Mr. Lordi again to talk about the new work.

Sadly, the big train strikes in Finland prevented us from actually meeting up with Mr. Lordi face-to-face and cut our time a bit short. But hey, at least Zoom was there, and we managed to fit most of Mr. Lordi on a screen for a brief chat.

After a quick exchange of pleasantries where Mr. Lordi as usual expressed him being tired of his long day of press, we quickly went on to talk about the new album ‘Screem Writers Guild’. While not being a concept album, Mr. Lordi chose for the classic “Universal Monsters” and cinema to influence the album this time around, where almost every song features or is about one of those monsters. With every new Lordi release, the looks of the monsters change, and this time is no different. So we briefly discuss how he put the new costumes together for this round, where it was a bit more tricky since the album and cover art were done way before the outfits. And while for instance the square headed Monster of Frankenstein inspired look of Mr. Lordi, or the furry werewolf look of Kone are really cool, they weren’t really feasible for the band’s real life looks. Besides the new looks, Mr. Lordi did a couple of things differently for this album, like for instance a song with his clean vocals front and center, or the attempt to not write about zombies, ass-fucking or have Evil Dead references. There is a song about zombies, but that makes at least 2 out of 3 he managed to avoid…

At the end of our conversation, he also shares with us that a translation of his monster of a book about everything Lordi is in the works. He’s not sure yet when it will be officially released, if this year still or rather next year, but they’re making good progress to make the lengthy Lordi history/biography available for all us non-Finns to read!

Check out the ‘Screem Writers Guild‘ album out right now, and catch them on their huge Europe tour with Sabaton and Babymetal!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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