Altar – And God Created Satan to Blame for his Mistakes

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The band Altar has made a pretty decent name for themselves, at least on Dutch soil. The death metal masters gained populairity in the underground scene. Altar got noticed in their home country, partly because of their Youth Against Christ attitude. The provocative lyrics and merchandise became a controversial topic and as a result they got attention. The guys of Altar formed in 1992. With Edwin Kelder on vocal duties, Marcel van Haaf and Bert Huisjes shredding on guitar, Nils Vos on bass and Marco Arends on drums they formed the perfect recipe for one hell of a first demo.

And God Created Satan to Blame for his Mistakes isn’t just some demo. It’s raw, evil, and after all these years I think it’s still relevant. Some newer bands that draw inspiration from OSDM could even learn a thing or two from it. That being said, the 1992 demo is still killer and nothing is going to change that in my opinion. If you haven’t heard it, go listen right now! Especially when death metal is your thing, you just have to listen to it at least once. Only four songs, and nothing boring to be found.

Now for the fans and collectors, And God Created Satan to Blame for his Mistakes is being released on vinyl for the first time ever! This will be released with original artwork and all. Raw Skull Recordz decided to make it limited to 300 copies. So for the hardcore collectors and fans indeed, you’ll have to be quick! A pretty smart move if you ask me, since you don’t know how many people are waiting for a re-issue of this demo on vinyl. Is it absolutely necessary? Not really. Is it cool? Hell yes! In addition to that, the vinyl is also coloured, for the people who like their vinyl fancy. Secondly, the first 100 copies come with an A0 size poster and an OBI strip. So that is a pretty nice addition.

In conclusion, think this re-issue is a cool way to bring some of the old stuff to the surface of endless releases again. Just to please some old fans, or gain some new ones!

Release date: September 7th, 2019
Label: Raw Skull Recordz
Track list:

  1. Throne of Fire
  2. Forced Imprudence
  3. Psycho Damn
  4. Cross The Bridge Of False Prophecies – Dismantling The Gods


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality7/10
7.4Even though this is not a new release or anything, it deserves some attention! This re-issue is something to please the fans. Raw Skull Recordz did a good job re-issuing 'And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes'.
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