News Posts

Dutch extreme metal institution God Dethroned signed with Atomic Fire Records for the next chapter of their career, just in time for the 30th anniversary of their debut album! And announced a new single coming on December 2nd with ‘Asmodeys’!

Dutch duo Freja unveil the details on their debut album ‘Tides’ to be released via Babylon Doom Cult and will be part of Roadburn 2022!

The dutch rock outfit Smoke signed to Argonauta Records and celebrate with a first track!

Dutch black metal entity Zwaard announce their debut EP ‘Bloed en Wijn’ and unveil a first track from the release!

Dutch black metal musician Floris announced the debut album ‘Galgenbrok’ from his brand new project Schavot!

Dutch one-man black metal project Teitan will be releasing a brand new EP ‘Vákuum’ in September. Check out a first track to discover the weirdness of the outfit!

The symphonic black metal project Golden Ashes by Maurice de Jong releases the title track of the upcoming new album ‘A Lightless Christ Shuns The Crown Of Divinity’!

Dutch symphonic metal outfit Epica announced the massive live streaming event ‘Ωmega Alive’, named after and in support of their recently via Nuclear Blast Records released album ‘Ωmega’!

Dutch extreme metallists Cryptosis reveal a brand new single of their upcoming album “Bionic Swarm”, check it out!

Dutch symphonic metal giants Epica released a visualizer for their 3rd single, the ballad ‘Rivers’, from their upcoming new album!

Album Reviews

Schemer Heer is the new dungeon synth project by Maurice de Jong, well known for one of his other projects: Gnaw Their Tongues.

One man project Golden Ashes brings a second sonic blasting with ‘In The Lugubrious Silence Of Eternal Night’.

Raw Skull Recordz made Altar’s first demo ‘And God Created Satan For His Mistakes’ available on vinyl for the first time!

This is a solid treat from the Satanic Dutch quartet who have reshaped the formula and made some necessarily changes.

Wondering what obscure dance music sounds like or if black metal can be sung in Dutch? Then have a listen to Laster’s latest record Het Wassen Oog.

The pet project of Delain’s guitarist Merel Bechtold, Purest of Pain, finally releases its debut full-length!

Dutch melodic death metal outfit Nox Aeterna is back with their third full-length album: ‘Aurora Borealis’, released through their own Studio NightSin!

The didgeridoo and drums of Omnia took a little trip on their own and created a record of “drum ‘n’ didge” or “hybrid world beats”!

Graceless rips you open and freeze you with their icy leads and solos.

Shireen takes you on an empowering and enchanting trip through their world of “Witch Pop”!