Temple Of Void – The World That Was

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Detroit based death/doom metal outfit Temple Of Void raises the bar high on their latest album The World That Was. Since the debut album Of Terror and the Supernatural, they introduced slow mid-paced tempos as trademarks strongly permeated through the personality of their music. While most of the bands take influences from the fore-bearers of death/doom metal, Temple Of Void was able to contrive their own unique style. The lineup is comprised of professional veterans such as vocalist Mike Erdody (Acid Witch), guitarist Don Durr (ex-The Plague), guitarist Alex Awn, drummer Jason Pearce and bassist Brent Satterly. The success of the sophomore album Lords Of Death followed the band’s reputation which in my opinion was one of the best albums of the year 2017. Now three years after the U.S. veterans have arranged a set of six tracks as they present to us a dominant motif of their craft.

The opening track A Beast Among Us begins with a slow plodding pace of heavy crushing riffs. The rhythm guitars and the bleak chords paint gloomy shades of impending doom. Temple Of Void lingeringly drags the listener to the edge of the abyss through the menacing tempos. The World That Was is achieved by sheer competence and the mastery of the craft. At times the pace moves slowly with the creeping growls and the bleak atmosphere of the rhythm that spreads eerie tunes.

Self-Schism begins with a crushing tempo and rhythm guitars prowling through the swampy atmosphere. By the second track, you’ll begin to experience the eerie elements of the music, as the band conjures the slow tempos. The magnificent role of the lead guitars and the heavy drum beats maintains a solid pace. In every moment of this masterwork, the listener will get to embrace unprecedented facets of the band. The World That Was is boosted with improved measures, every moment of this album will grip you firmly.

Clean guitar hooks and the acoustic passages surface on the instrumental track A Single Obolous. The drum beats on this song sound similar to Black Sabbath’s Planet Caravan. On Leave the Light Behind the incorporation of clean vocals and the catchy guitars complements the song, although these elements somehow dilute the sensibilities of death/doom metal. The clear emphasis on clean vocals and guitar melodies unfolds a fusion of other sonic elements.

Casket of Shame becomes groovy and shifts to a heavy pace, this also applies to the vocals that sound deep and guttural. With crushing riffs and pounding drum beats, the pulverizing effect manifests the strength of the band. Temple Of Void has nailed its style with heavy chugs and creative use of the rhythm guitar in texturing the songs. The band shows a grandeur and epic approach by imbuing the rhythm guitar with gloomy qualities. On the final track, The World That Was, Temple of Void plunged into the epic notions of emotive death/doom. The high professionalism and diversity in layering this song with chugs and melodic textures proves how the band has evolved in no time.

Temple Of Void‘s latest offering is unequaled to their previous efforts. I somehow miss the intense and heavy metallic pace of the crushing riffs that were on the debut album Of Terror and Supernatural and the sophomore album Lords of Death. The World That Was is focused more on the melodic evolution of the band. The World That Was is a doomy and catchy album that shows a great level of musical arrangements. Temple Of Void is taking gradual progress shaping up their trademarks by every album.

Highly recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Asphyx and Hooded Menace.

Release Date: March 27th, 2020
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Track list:

  1. A Beast Among Us
  2. Self-Schism
  3. A Single Obolous
  4. Leave the Light Behind
  5. Casket of Shame
  6. The World That Was


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8Temple Of Void has nailed its style with heavy chugs and the creative use of the rhythm guitar in texturing the songs shows the visceral understanding of implementing different elements.
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