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Swiss black metal entity Aara unleashes their second outing En Ergô Einai only one year after their debut album So fallen alle tempel. The Swiss trio consists of talented musicians such as Berg (multi-instrumentalist), Fluss (vocals) and J. (drums). Among many other black metal bands whose members don’t reveal their identities, the Swiss trio disguises their faces behind ornate baroque masks. Aara’s album cover is influenced by the European age of renaissance and has a baroque Gothic sense to it. En Ergô Einai goes back to the classic ages of enlightenment when men began to detach from religion and looked at science as true knowledge. Berg and Fluss helm their craft and weave five tracks of atmospheric magic on the album, where its grim music acts as a journey into darkness. On each of the five tracks, the Swiss enigmatic band is truly cognizant of casting hypnotic effects and augmented elements of melancholic ambiance. 

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There is a deeper understanding of creating a grim theatrical intensity to their dark opus. The supremacy of the captivating performance is approached by a sophisticated level of musical splendor. En Ergô Einai maintains an ominous feel while storming riffs and thundering percussion create several shifts in the tempo. Vocalist Fluss‘ loud shrills resonate in a frightening way where they conjure an ominous atmosphere while the music draws images of imperial majesty. The drumming of J. creates an impenetrable wall of sound and streams like pure energy to initiate into shattering blast beats. 

En Ergô Einai is a grandeur album where the opening instrumental piece Arkanum was performed by Vindsval of Blut Aus Nord. Those who are familiar with the musical qualities of the French artist can perceive the similarities between the two bands. Arkanum will let you wander through imaginative soundscapes of tranquility when suddenly you’ll find yourself amid the blistering tide of swift blast beats. While the music overall is ambiguous and obscure, the lead guitar elevates the grandeur of the music and sweeps with the dark undertones of the tremolo pickings.

The instruments resonate at the same flow as they create a constant equilibrium. This allows the melodies to shimmer under the heavily layered guitars and rippling riffs. The opulent melodies of the following track Stein auf Stein translate into baroque themes and create many dramatic passages. Each moment multi-instrumentalist Berg creates innovative melodies as if the band repossess the neoclassical style of a bygone age. Through En Ergô Einai Aara establishes their own signature sound as they offer a modern crescendo of orthodox black metal music. Furthermore, on other tracks such as Aargesang (Aare II), they incorporate deep ambient soundscapes.

The guitars drip dark melodies and create memorable moments, such creativity that should be appreciated. Aara stirs out variations in the tempos and shows ingenious methods of layering the guitars. While there are many bands that somehow sounds alike, Aara has forged its own unique style. Entelechie swirls fast and soars with lead guitar melodies whilst the drums consistently fit in unhinges tempos. The heart-wrenching melodies and the screeching vocals provide an emotional depth. Album closer Telôs is suffused with dark atmospherics and layered guitar melodies. The opening of this beautifully textured track combines a soft operatic voice of a siren and erupting blast beats. 

Aara‘s sophomore release is reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord‘s album Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian PoetryEn Ergô Einai is a masterpiece of raw atmospheric black metal full of ambient hooks. An immense and surreal album brought by the elegance of the melodies and the creativity of the individual efforts. The short duration is the only drawback of this magnificent album.

En Ergô Einai is recommended for fans of Aoratos, Blut Aus Nord and Nightbringer.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Track list:

  1. Arkanum
  2. Stein auf Stein
  3. Aargesang (Aare II)
  4. Entelechie
  5. Telôs


  • Music10/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals10/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality10/10
9.6Through "En Ergô Einai", Aara establishes their own signature sound as they offer a modern crescendo of orthodox black metal music.
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