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Blut Aus Nord unleashed a visual interpretation of the ‘Nameless Rites’ track, from their latest album ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’, recently released via Debemur Morti Productions!

The mysterious French black metal entity Blut Aus Nord unveiled the sinister track ‘The Endless Multitude’, the first of their upcoming album ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’, set for release in August via Debemur Morti!

French black metal pioneers Blut Aus Nord shared the details of their upcoming next part of their ‘Disharmonium’ series with ‘Nahab’, set for release in July via Debemur Morti Productions.

French black metal entity Blut Aus Nord unleashes yet another epic track from their upcoming album with ‘Tales Of The Old Dreamer’!

The French black metal innovators of Blut Aus Nord are back with a brand new track and upcoming new album!

Psychedelic black metal entity Blut Aus Nord is going to blow your minds with upcoming album “Hallucinogen” later this year!

October is cranking up the heat on the amount of releases!

Experimental black metal outfit Blut Aus Nord premieres a first track of the upcoming album through “No Clean Singing”!

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On “Nahab”, the second part of the ‘Disharmonium’ series, the French avant-garde black metal Blut Aus Nord offers another frightening album that resonate to the horror mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Released via Debemur Morti Productions.

French, atmospheric black metal Avant-Garde collective Blut Aus Nord returns with their 14th opus ‘Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses’, out via Debemur Morti Productions on May the 20th.

‘Stare Into Death And Be Still’ is a magnificent album that will resonate into my ears for many years. This is Ulcerate’s definition of technical death metal!

Aara’s “En Ergô Einai” is an immense and surreal album brought by the elegance of the melodies and the creativity of the individual efforts.

The French duo Khaosgott and Fog takes a wider approach to create a saccharine quality of melodic black metal on Cénotaphe’s latest release.

Cult of Fire’s “Nirvana” presents a modified style of how modern black metal bands can push the boundaries and to expand further into idealistic ways to find perfect harmony.

“Moksha” has more of a characteristic sound and proves how the band can create such a refined masterpiece of black metal.

Blut Aus Nord has delivered a stunning piece of avant-garde black metal music that will be the album of the year for many!

DSO are masters of cacophony techniques, so intensely ferocious but highly leveled at technical eligibility. ​They’re milestones a head of other bands,

Drastus’ interpretations of black metal reflects the opaque nature of the band from the dark aura which surrounds the album.


As usual, Mazen’s top albums are a mix of death metal, black metal and a touch of doom metal, heralding everything that is underground and extreme with bands like Phobophilic, Autopsy, Stormruler, Watain, Shape of Despair, Ars Hmu, Sedimentum, Chaotian, Trolldom and Immolation!

A small grab of what we are looking forward to the most of the many exceptional releases coming our way during May 2022!

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