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UK black metal trio Dawn Ray’d shared new single/video ‘Ancient Light’, from their upcoming new album ‘To Know The Light’ out via Prosthetic Records in March!

Atmospheric/depressive black metal project Winds Of Tragedy to release haunting new album ‘Hating Life’ via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions in February!

Norwegian black metal project Bizarrekult released the next single ‘Midt I Stormen’ from the upcoming ‘Den Tapte Krigen’, set for release in January via Season of Mist!

Prolific black metal artists Ofdrykkja revealed the new video and single ‘Hårgalåten’ from their upcoming highly anticipated album ‘After the Storm’, out next Friday via AOP Records!

After the release of their new album ‘Mirage’ via Season of Mist and at the start of their European tour, black metal outfit Gaerea share the new video for ‘Laude’!

Austrian black metal beasts Ellende released their last single ‘Freier Fall’ in anticipation of their upcoming new album ‘Ellenbogengesellschaft’, out next week via AOP Records!

Ukrainian black metal project Drudkh unveiled the new track ‘November’ and announced the upcoming new album ‘All Belong to the Night’ to be released in November via Season of Mist!

Finnish atmospheric pagan/black artist Vermilia unleashed 2nd single ‘Tuonen Joki’ from her upcoming album ‘Ruska’!

Belgian atmospheric black metal outfit Soul Dissolution is gearing up to release their new album ‘SORA’ in September via their own label Viridian Flame Records!

German atmospheric black metal outfit Unru announced their upcoming 2nd full-length ‘Die Wiederkehr Des Verdrängten’ to be released via Babylon Doom Cult Records!

Album Reviews

“Into Sorrow Evermore” truly reflects the sonic aspects of these talented musicians which seems a perfect combination of atmosphere and grim black metal. Imperium Dekadenz has become true masters of their craft in capturing the quintessence of atmospheric black metal where each track showcases different styles of melodic and atmospheric black metal. Out on January 20 via Napalm Records.

Erzfeynd’s full-length album “Behaft Behert” takes you back to the ancient medieval times, this is a fresh take on atmospheric and raw black metal, if you are into bands like Troll, Manes and Abigor then this is for you. Out via Ván Records.

Roman Saenko’s musical art has brought Drudkh to the forefront of the black metal genre, the new album “All Belong To The Night” crafts beautiful and mesmeric musical landscapes offering a fresh take on atmospheric black metal and standing as one of the band’s best albums.

Trolldom’s “Av Gudars Ätt” Trolldom enters the majestic realm of 90s black metal with songs bejeweled for their sinister and unearthly atmosphere. Out on Iron Bonehead.

AARA’s fourth album “Triade II: Hemera” evokes an aura of modern black metal. The six tracks brim with new elements like Indian female vocals, Jewish Shofar horn and religious choirs.

Bekëth Nexëhmü’s fourth album encapsulates the essence of bands like Ulver, Satyricon and Burzum and draws nearer to the themes of depressing black metal.

Ars Hmu’s debut full length “Empire of Impurity” is as grim and cold as the Norwegian and Swedish black metal counterparts that falls between the atmospheric and the symphonic form of black metal.

“Hymn To The Woeful Hearts” emphasizes epic melodies where Pure Wrath inflects the listener with many pivotal moments on their third album.

“Trisagion” offers a grand spectacle of how modern atmospheric black metal and funeral doom can be effectively engaging and powerful when merged.

Í Myrkri’s third album “Bag Skyggernes Slør” is deeply atmospheric and imaginative, the songs nourish on chilling tremolos and ambient synth soundscapes.


2023 starts off with quite the bang with new releases from VV, Anti-Flag, Imperium Dekadenz, Turmion Kätilöt, Katatonia, Kiberspassk, …and Oceans, Obituary, Suasion, Dropout Kings and Vėlių Namai!

The music industry is at it again at full force after the festival season with a massive amount of really cool releases coming out, just look at the number of our most anticipated releases for September have grown into and then we probably could have included more still. With new albums from Blind Guardian, Yungblud, Wolfheart, Slipknot, Starcrawler, Lost Society, The Hu, Vermin Womb, Vermilia, Bloodbath, Slugcrust, Electric Callboy, Innumerable Forms, Tribal Gaze, Gaerea and Graceless, it’ll be quite the month again!

Things are getting ramped up now that the summer period is at its end! Great releases are coming out soon and it showed in the past week with new singles from Slipknot, Gaerea, Alien Weaponry, Brymir, Orbit Culture, Suasion ft. Steffi Pacson and The Callous Daoboys that amazed us!

February 2022 is yet again brimming with great releases, here’s a small selection of our most anticipated ones!

August proves to be a highly exciting and surprisingly full month for new releases! Here is a small selection of those that are most anticipated by our editorial staff!

12 more releases of March 2021 we have been looking forward to for a while! Check it out!

Photo Reports

On a wintry and snowy night in Helsinki, the Scottish atmospheric black outfit Saor blew us away with an amazing show at Tiivistämö with special guests …and Oceans and openers Marrasmieli!

Behemoth invaded Europe in a satanic event that brought Swedish At The Gates and American Wolves In The Throne Room with them! And here are the pics!

Check out our pictures of Dutch doom rock band Dool and Austrian post-black metal sensation Harakiri For The Sky here!

Almost none of us are familiar with the venue called Amuz, a renovated church that now serves as one of Antwerp’s most prestigious concert halls. Most of the time this venue houses classical concerts and other events, however on the 3rd of february, a very special occasion took place here. Some of the world’s finest […]

The visuals of a mesmerizing night of atmospheric black metal that took us to a completely different world…

Gig Reports

Saor amazed us at Tiivistämö in Helsinki a good week ago with their mesmerizing soundscape, very special guests …and Oceans and support from Marrasmieli!

Behemoth invaded Europe in a satanic event that brought Swedish At The Gates and American Wolves In The Throne Room with them!

Two bands taking us on a mesmerizing journey with an all enveloping soundscape filled with beauty and raw harshness.

We’re taking you with us on a trip to a totally different plane field with 5 bands of the highest quality atmospheric black metal…