7 singles that caught our attention in week 34 (2022)

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Every week sees tons of new singles and music videos being released. And while we try to select and collect some of the best ones every week in our weekly updated Spotify and Youtube playlists (links at the bottom of the article), every week there are a handful that really stick out in some way. Sometimes there is an incredible video that goes with the single, sometimes it's just a song that immediately catches on, or even something completely else. In this series of articles we try to regularly share a selection of those that really came to the attention of our editorial team, going from big and established names, all the way to underground and independent artists, there is no limit. We truly hope you discover some good stuff to listen to and support!



Slipknot has been on a rampage throughout Europe recently, proving yet again that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their upcoming new album ‘The End, So Far’ promises to be pretty much a masterpiece again and the first single ‘The Dying Song (Time To Sing)’ came in like a wrecking ball. With ‘Yen‘, which was released already a while ago, we get that other more creepy side of this metal mastodon. This week the track came back to our attention by a matching music video that perfectly captures the creepy and haunting vibe of the song. And that outro with “Tortilla man” playing that mini piano/organ… We can’t help but think about the earlier Slipknot during that holy trifecta of albums ‘Slipknot‘ – ‘Iowa‘ – ‘Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)‘ with it’s relentless heaviness and experimental eeriness. If the rest of this album will be up to par, it will be simply amazing.

The new Slipknot album ‘The End, So Far’ is set to be released on September 30 via Roadrunner Records.



Portuguese black metal outfit Gaerea has been praised time after time for their musical creations and aesthetics. They’re gearing up to release a new album and have unveiled the title track ‘Mirage‘ the past week which is yet again an absolute masterpiece. It’s brutal and haunting, but at the same time it brings a sort of calm or meditative state with it in all its trance-inducing repetitive glory (if you’re in that kind of stuff, that is). The music video that comes with the track, is again a collection of amazing visuals with a character in the signature Gaerea hood and blackened skin that reveals gold bits wherever it broke, dancing in a very contemporary, expressive way to the blastbeats and dissonant riffs. The perfect blend of aggression and filth with beauty and melody is something the band has become widely known for and this blew us away!

The new Gaerea album ‘Mirage‘ is set for release on September 23 via Season of Mist.


'Fly With Me'

We already had high hopes for Brymir‘s 4th album ‘Voices In The Sky’ (and our reviewer was blown away by it, read here), but with their latest single ‘Fly With Me’ that they released shortly before the album was unveiled to the whole world really blew it out of the park! The track, opening with some gorgeous acoustics, to then blast into an epic sound before they burst into absolute brutality. But when the chorus kicks in, they remind us easily of more recent Insomnium work with the soaring clean vocals and pure catchiness. Or take the rest of the song after the blistering guitar solo, where they first bring in some choir-like vocal bits to then burst into what could almost be called a breakdown. Brymir has really stepped it up a notch, or even a couple of notches, with this album and we can see these guys soon taking over the world.

Brymir‘s new album ‘Voices In The Sky‘ is out since last week via Napalm Records, check it out now!

Alien Weaponry

'Down The Rabbit Hole'

Alien Weaponry has been trying to catch up on playing live quite a bit this year with a massive run throughout Europe as direct support for metal giants Gojira and along the way have stops at festivals like Hellfest. We were lucky enough to catch them on several occasions (see the photo report of their show in Eindhoven here). Last week they released a new music video for the track ‘Down The Rabbit Hole‘, which caught our attention extra much since the live footage they used here came from their kickass show at the Helsinki Ice Hall Black Box, where we happened to be as well! Find the report and photo report of their Helsinki show here and here! Looking back at the massive pits they managed to conjure at that show, it’s something they can be pretty proud of as Finnish crowds are known for not being the most active usually. But what can you expect with the absolutely killer music from these young guys… the future of heavy music seems quite solid to us with bands like this!

‘Down The Rabbit Hole‘ is a track from Alien Weaponry‘s latest album ‘Tangaroa‘, released last year via Napalm Records!

Orbit Culture

'Vultures of North'

Another band that will keep on rising and the future of metal strong, is most definitely Orbit Culture. Their 2020 full-length ‘Nija‘ absolutely ripped and last years EP ‘Shaman‘ re-affirmed that these guys are musical geniuses. They bring a kind of freshness to the table that is infectious and undeniable. They have a talent to create melodeath tracks that are thoroughly soaked in heaps of groove and sound like no one else. And even when they go more melodic with clean vocals, that relentless groove keeps up the heaviness perfectly. But hey, no clean vocals or taking the foot of the gas pedal with this new single ‘Vultures of North‘! As soon as you hit play, you will be hit by that groove and your head will start banging on its own. The grooves, double bass drums, harsh vocals, synth elements,… all blended in a kind of metal glory that will make the hearts of a whole lot of metal fans beat faster and yearn to get into the adrenaline rush of a moshpit.

If this track is any indication to what we could expect on a next album, holy crap these guys are going to take the world by storm! For now, make sure you catch them on their support shows for In Flames both in Europe and the USA! Don’t sleep on this!

Suasion ft. Steffi Pacson


Time after time we seem to be forgetting that Suasion is a Belgian band. Earlier they were branded as a metalcore band, but with their most recent singles released in anticipation of their upcoming album ‘The Infinite‘ they’ve been proving to be quite diverse in their sound. So much so, that their brand of modern metal sounds incredibly international and ready to captivate people all over the world. With the single ‘Momentum‘, they continue that streak and added an unexpected extra bonus by having the Belgium based pop singer Steffi Pacson delivering some awesome and perfectly fitting guest vocals. When the track opens, it kicks in with some epic vocals that reminds us of US stadium bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, Shinedown and Starset to just name a few. And then continuous to hit hard in both the catchiness and heaviness regions. And it has to be said that Steffi‘s vocals blend in absolutely perfectly with Suasion‘s music. What a track!

Their new album ‘The Infinite‘ should get released quite soon via Atomic Fire Records. Keep your eyes and ears open!

The Callous Daoboys

'The Elephant Man In The Room'

About 4 months ago it was announced that The Callous Daoboys signed with MNRK Heavy to release their new album ‘Celebrity Therapist‘ and that’s when they came on our radar with the first single of that album: ‘A Brief Article Regarding Time Loops’. Ever since we’ve been looking forward to get more of their demented kind of mathcore to please that chaotic part of our brains that used to be pleased by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan or Strapping Young Lad. ‘The Elephant Man In The Room’, their latest single in anticipation of the album, goes very much at it again. Highly technical, going from being heavy AF to a choir/gospel bit to a jazzy section to whatever the hell else they want go to. And the video that comes with it, is very much on par with the music, dragging us in a demented church scene where the way the vocalist moves while he supposedly sings/screams is simply hilarious and all the way to the vocalist being burned on the stake. These guys are absolutely mental, but very much geniuses at the same time.

The Callous Daoboys‘ new album ‘Celebrity Therapist‘ is out on September 2 via MNRK Heavy and Modern Static Records.

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